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Types of Cannabis Shake

Cannabis shakes are small pieces and bits of cannabis leaves and flowers that once formed part of the bigger buds. They usually fall off at the bottom when jostled around or broken down when handling them in packaging. They can contain THC, CND, and terpenes. Shake is either sold separately or used to make other stuff without grinding it.


Shake in the form of a joint is a weed that is rolled up and meal-prepped. Using a bunch of cannabis to make roll joints is the best application of shakes. Use a shake deck and go ahead to twist it up to make blunts and joints. It contains the same terpenes and cannabinoids as a fully mature flower. So go right ahead and blunt or roll it. 

Sometimes, dispensaries use weed shake strains in the pre-rolls. Other times they are mixed and combined. But when it is made of a single strain, it has a higher potency and quality. Licensed dispensaries sell shakes separately. They are likely to carry a selection of high-quality shakes for reduced prices. 


Many dispensaries use cannabis shakes as smoke bowls to vaporize. You can even toss them into a bowl to get high. But remember that it contains a reasonable amount of plant, which might create some harsh bongs. If you smoke with shakes, then it can still contain terpenes that emit a scent, but there are ways to mask those whiffs of smell. 

Vaporizing cannibis shake removes the direct heat element from it. The cannabinoids and flavor will withstand the smoke much better. Directly lighting up a shake is not the best idea for vaporizing a cannabis shake. Instead, use an herb vaporizer because it is worth it if you use it as a cannabis tool. 


Of all the cannabis beverages, tea is the most popular form of cannabis shake. Weed teas have been on the rise lately. Making cannabis shake tea is always a wise move. You only need CBD or THC compounds regardless of how it smokes. But weed tea can also be made using its non-psychoactive predecessors. 

Most people start with buds to make teas, but you can make it from any type of cannabis shake that contains your preferred compounds. You can use stems, trim, kief, or hash. For this reason, many vets do not toss them in the garbage can but store them in separate jars. Decarboxylate it before you turn them into weed tea. 


The process of making cannabis shake edibles is very simple. You will get the hang of it once you have done it a couple of times. 

  1. Decarboxylate your shake 
  2. Infuse it with oil or butter 
  3. Leave it to simmer in a slow cooker 
  4. Gently simmer it regularly for an even mixture and distribution 
  5. Then strain it using a mesh 

Pour canna oil or cannabutter into a pod and store it to dry it in the fridge. You can then use this mixture to make edibles such as brownies, cookies, or cakes. Grilled cheese or salad dressing can also be made from cannabutter or canna oil. Follow your wild culinary whims. 


Tinctures made of cannabis shake is a smokeless consumption method that can be made at home and is typically alcohol-based. They are ingested sublingually, in other words, placed under the tongue. But you can also incorporate tinctures into your favorite recipes or food items such as gravy, ice cream, soups, beverages, or salads. 

Tinctures take effect much faster than edibles like gummies or brownies, beginning in seconds, unlike the typical hours. The fast effect is due to the tinctures bypassing your digestive tract to go straight into your bloodstream. But tinctures taken in edibles can take longer than when taken under the tongue. 


When you use cannabis shakes, you are making the maximum use of your investment. A huge benefit is that shakes are already crushed, therefore, can be easily used without any fuss. The cannabinoid profile in it is decent enough too. Plus, they are a real treat, which would be missed out if you pass on the reduced-rate scraps that are available at your favorite dispensary.