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Type of Maintenance Activities Required for Church Software

With time, church management systems have become the norm. Today, different types of software are typically used specifically for administration in churches. This can include software that would maintain a database of members, donors and finances, as well as plans and event calendars. It’s not just a space to store and perform sophisticated functions on the data; it’s also a quick way to get reports in the form of graphs.

After purchasing software, you might find it difficult to manage it. If you aren’t computer literate, the question is how can you effectively manage your software and what support do you need.

We offer free support for all our clients by providing email and 24/7 phone support.

A lot of charity management software offer free support and maintenance.

The customer support services are provided through email and calls, as well as online chats and letters.

Software platforms have different documentation and support options for the potential customer, like webinars, video tutorials, in-person courses. Depending on what you’re looking for and which software provider you are using, it might be something that makes sense to use a limited trial period to test out your new tool.

In addition to video tutorials, software providers offer written manuals with detailed information on every aspect of their products.

Managers that are on the ground often find it difficult to convey all the necessary information from their head office to those on the front lines. That’s why we offer an online forum where managers can hold one-on-one conversations with specialists about any charity management software. It can help minimize the distance between people and ultimately enhance the working environment and productivity.

We offer professional support

When you’re done with your free trial, then you’ll have to sign up for a paid support and maintenance plan. You’ll get a month-to-month contract, or you can opt for an annual contract or pay per service.

It’s best to buy a service that’s a little more flexible, as many different types of software are usually used on a daily basis. A locked-in contract will also save you money — if you’re looking for maximum security and occasional help with peak workloads, don’t sign up.

You usually have to pay a flat fee to use a service such as this. Per-call or per-email support is usually the case when you need some quick assistance on an issue that’s rare, but happens a lot. The charge is determined by the response time, so you may pay more if you need immediate help while waiting for your turn will cost less.


Donors can find a wide range of in-depth training sessions to easily navigate the software they need. All classes take place on laptops or desktops, and trainers give educational sessions for one to four hours, depending on your specific needs.

We’ve been in a church before. Those pastors need relief from manual administration! The new church administration software dramatically reduces the error made during manual handling and the database is not just accessible to the pastor alone. It’s also accessible to everyone else in the congregation.