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Tradiac Proprietary Trading Firm Officially Launches

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BEAVERTON, Ore., June 10, 2023 — Tradiac, the revolutionary new proprietary trading firm, is officially announcing its launch. The company, co-founded by Michael Buchbinder in partnership with an exclusive hedge fund, is set to change the landscape of the prop trading industry by providing successful individual traders with access to larger amounts of capital.

Tradiac will offer proprietary capital to trade on the MT5 and cTrader platforms powered by the Swedish online broker, Scandinavian Capital Markets. This collaboration exemplifies the essence of Tradiac; to combine vast experience, superior trading technology, and financial strength in a package that truly benefits the trading community.

Mr. Buchbinder, who also serves as a managing partner at Scandinavian Markets, has amassed a wealth of experience in FX and trading over 16 years in the sector. Together with his hedge fund partners, they bring over 75 years of combined experience to Tradiac, ensuring traders gain access to an exceptional pool of knowledge and resources.

“The most difficult part for individual traders is securing the capital needed to trade full-time. At Tradiac, we aim to remove this hurdle, giving our traders the opportunity to maximize their potential.” – Michael Buchbinder, Co-Founder of Tradiac.

By leveraging the financial backing of the partnered hedge fund, Tradiac is equipped to manage risk and provide funding to clients, instilling peace of mind and confidence amongst traders knowing their trades will be executed and profit share paid out. The prop trading firm seeks to build trust and transparency in the industry, ensuring aligned interests between the company and its traders.

“By emphasizing transparency and trust, Tradiac seeks to reshape the prop trading industry. We want our traders to feel confident in the knowledge that their success directly translates into our success. We win when they win,” Buchbinder explained.

Many remote-funded trader programs enforce strict risk management rules on their traders, which are often counterproductive as the typical consequence is instant disqualification and realizing trading losses prematurely. Tradiac contrasts the industry status quo by offering redemption tests, which allow traders to retain their cooperation after passing the performance review. Traders that pass the redemption test can return to trading their previous successful funding level.

With a firm commitment to forging a path of trust and transparency in the prop trading industry, Tradiac is poised to disrupt the sector, all while empowering traders to succeed.

For more information about Tradiac and its services, visit www.tradiac.com.

About Tradiac:

Tradiac is a revolutionary proprietary trading firm providing successful traders with access to increased trading capital. It is the brainchild of industry veteran Michael Buchbinder and an exclusive hedge fund, bringing together over 75 years of FX and trading experience. Tradiac operates on the principles of trust, transparency, and trader success, looking to reshape the prop trading industry.

For more information or press inquiries, please contact Michael Buchbinder at 359809@email4pr.com or +1 (530) 451-3354.

Company Name: Tradiac
Contact Name: Michael Buchbinder
Email: 359809@email4pr.com
Website: www.tradiac.com
Country: USA