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Top tips for selling a house in 2022

Most property sellers are stressed out at the time of transaction. Selling a house involves a whole lot of steps like listing the house, finding a potential buyer, collecting the right amount or the fair price of the home, managing the property documents, looking for a low commission realtor, and more. So, as you can see selling a home involves many parts, you must know that you can manage some while some may need professional help.

For example, listing the home on the MLS can only be done by a licensed realtor. The best real estate websites can help you create a listing on the largest data pool called MLS. Most buyers and buyer’s agents refer to MLS to find a house on the market. When the competition is so high, to ensure that you sell your home faster and get a higher price, you need to work with the right real estate agent.

Though there is an unprecedented growth in the housing market and the homes are selling faster, you must refer to the tips below to sell your home successfully and efficiently.

Sell your house: Best Tips

As a seller, you must know all the factors that can create a big impact on the bottom line. Things like hiring the right real estate company, showing your house beautifully, etc. maximize your home’s appeal and closes the deal faster. Here are top tips to sell your home in 2022:

Hire the best real agent

The best real estate websites know the market well. Out of so many real estate agents, you need to choose the right website to work with. For example, Houzeo is one of the finest flat rate realtors who have been in the industry for a long and have been providing the best services to clients. The homeowners who want to save a commission and want to sell their home themselves with a little help from a professional can go for sale by owner or FSBO.

If you want a complete package, then go for an experienced agent who can showcase your house to the buyers, negotiate on your behalf, get you the best offer, manage to prep your home, market your home, and ensure all the support till the deal closes.

Prepare your home

Selling a house is a major task. You need to start at least two to four months before. When you decide to sell your house and start researching to find the best real estate websites, you need to start preparing your home for showing to the buyers.

Start fixing structural or mechanical issues, that must be addressed to make a sale. Also, schedule necessary repairs. Ensure to get everything done a minimum of a month before listing your house. Then, you can start staging and cleaning to complete the home preparation.

You can refer to the below checklist of things to prepare your home for showing:

  • Declutter and move unnecessary items out of the house.
  • Schedule all the repairs
  • Deep clean the house. Shampoo the upholstery, carpets, rugs, etc.
  • Clean the doors and windows along with every nook and corner of the home.
  • Clear the rooms to make them look bigger.
  • You can also consider hiring a professional stager to make the home look spacious and organized.
  • Allow a lot of light to enter the house. Make your home look bright. Open curtains and blinds and let the natural light lit your home.
  • Clean up the outside too such as the garden and landscaping. Plant fresh flowers.
  • Consider repainting the front of the house

Home inspection

Getting a pre-sale home inspection also turn things in your favor. It can cost you but it is considered a wise investment. A detailed inspection will help you identify the structural and mechanical problems of your home before the sale. It will cost just a few hundred dollars, but it will make you aware of the issues that the buyers may come up with.

By conducting the suggested repairs, you can speed up the selling process and complete the home prep work. However, it is also important to note that do not waste money on needless upgrades. If you get costly upgrades, it does not mean that you will get a high return on investment. So, be cautious of installing a new granite countertop, expensive home improvements, etc.

This is the time when low commission realtors help you. They know what buyers expect in your area. They can guide you to plan upgrades in a low-cost way. Often the updates done in the kitchen and bathrooms offer the best return on investment.

Click professional photos

One way is to schedule a professional photographer to capture the best photos of your home and the other way is to do it yourself. If you have a high-resolution camera and you are confident that you can manage high-quality photos, then you can go with the latter option. Clicking and uploading nice pictures on the MLS maximizes your home’s online appeal and ensure a quick sale.

Many flat rate realtors also offer professional photography and virtual online tours as a part of their comprehensive package services. The fee for professional photography depends on the size of your home, location, and time taken to shoot the home.

Home Staging

The sellers must stage their homes. Staging a home means you need to eliminate the excess furniture, and personal belongings, declutter items from the home, and more. If you are selling a high-worth home, then investing in a professional stager makes sense. It will help your property stand out. The professional home may cost you between $800 to $1,500.

The buyers may come with their real estate agent and view your home. You can also ask your realtor to take control at the time of showings.

Set a right price

The buyers do not want to pay more than what your home deserves. It is crucial to get the right pricing to sell your home quickly. To price your home correctly, you can research your neighborhood and collect the data sheets about recently sold properties in your vicinity. So, you will get an idea of the home selling price in your area.

Do not make the mistake of pricing your home too high or too low. Homes that are priced too high will lower the interest of the potential buyers and they will not consider looking at your property.

Use the tips above to sell your home efficaciously!