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Top Software Development Methodologies

When a business launches a software development project, selecting the right software development company is only half of the battle. It’s also essential to consider various factors affecting your project’s success. You can address most of these issues with a suitable software development methodology that is designed to meet the project requirements.

Choosing the correct software development methodology for a project can be difficult. Fortunately, we can help you with that. This article explains different types of SDM and when to choose each.

What Is Software Development Methodology?

A software development methodology is a set of strategies that helps you manage your application’s process efficiently. They pre-define how to work and what framework to use, allowing most projects to succeed.

  • Which features should be selected first for implementing the current application version?
  • What should be included in the MVP?
  • What should developers do to implement the chosen features?
  • When will the final software version be released?
  • Who works on what?
  • How should project resources be used for building the application?
  • What should software testing be done?

Making sure your development team is on the same page and has a strategy laid out will help them in many ways, including:

  • budget risk minimisation – the costs rarely change throughout the overall project development process;
  • compliance with the deadlines – the team has a clear understanding of the timeline and major milestones and can adjust their work scopes to the schedule;
  • minimisation of bureaucracy – well-established procedures reduce the number of administrative tasks that add no value to the project;
  • workflow efficiency – each team member is at their place and knows what to do next or who to refer to in case of any unexpected circumstances;
  • further improvement of the development practices – as the project is over, the development team undertakes several steps to evaluate their performance to improve it in the upcoming projects.

Top Software Development Methodologies

Software development methodologies can be divided into more widespread and less-popular types; however, it doesn’t mean that one type is better than the other. One size certainly does not fit all, so choosing the best approach for your business is essential.

Here are the top 4 software methodologies that are currently the most used for developing various types of solutions, including web, mobile, desktop applications, and many others.

Agile Development Methodology

Agile is a simple, innovative and flexible software development methodology. It relies on evolutionary product development through short cycles called iterations.

Typically, software teams spend about one month working on an incremental release. Here, they’ll build new code and functionality for the product, which will then be added to the whole creation. The working process is discussed with managers during regular meetings and brainstorming sessions.

With modern software development, the software can be changed quickly according to user feedback, if the requirements change and per customer needs. Therefore, you can customise this system to the requirements of your business and maximise its potential advantages. Furthermore, you can avoid errors and quickly resolve problems by minimising cost issues.

DevOps Deployment Methodology

DevOps is a practice that was originally seen in software development, but now it is being applied to the IT operations field. The idea of DevOps is to combine software development and IT operations processes to work together more closely.

DevOps is a methodology that accelerates a company’s ability to deliver high-quality software by codifying practices for automation, data transparency and quick feedback. As a result, you can focus on product development and tune the process as needed.

Waterfall Development Method

The waterfall is an outdated software development technique. It’s not the best choice for building applications that need to meet specific requirements at the start. Current digital solutions offer a simple solution to any industry requiring detailed documentation before starting any new project. These can be for healthcare, energy, or engineering, to name a few.

Our Waterfall model means that the development team would be unable to make any changes in requirements at the previous steps. So sadly, this would affect valuable records, timelines, and resources set up for the project.

Rapid Application Development

Rapid application development, or RAD, is one of the best ways to meet tight deadlines without sacrificing quality. It allows for a fast turnaround time on your project and maximises customer satisfaction.

RAD has allowed developers to get feedback on, rework, and refine their application prototypes as soon as they present them. This has helped create a better solution for the public in the end. After the prototype has been tested, we design the entire app based on it.

The RAD approach allows you to minimise risk when developing your product, release it confidently, and promote it promptly. It’s most useful for smaller projects where there are deadlines to meet.

How to Choose Software Development Methodology

While there are various methodologies for dashboarding, each has its strengths and weaknesses. Here’s a quick comparison table that will help you choose the right one for your project.


You should include outsourcing software development in your business plan. Also, you should research custom software development and the benefits it might provide. It will surely come in handy and help you fit within your budget.

We use a wide range of different methodologies when developing software solutions. However, to ensure the most effective development process, we use carefully chosen solutions tailored to businesses individually.