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Top Six Reasons Why You should consider Hiring a Digital Agency for Marketing in Asia

The digital landscape in Asia is rapidly evolving as high-speed internet and digital devices become more accessible to the masses. At the same time, another contributor to the evolution of digital marketing in Asia is ecommerce.

E-commerce platforms like Shopee, Alibaba, and Lazada have contributed significantly to the changing dynamics of consumer behavior. Customers are now gaining more trust in online platforms and know which factors to check before buying anything.

Online purchasing has also allowed customers to read reviews and give testimonials to help verify product authenticity. So, even if they don’t buy anything, they decide based on the company’s online presence. As a result, the ROI for businesses investing in digital marketing is continually increasing.

So, to unlock new opportunities in the Asian market, hiring a dedicated digital marketing agency can be quite helpful. In this article, we will explore some reasons why you should consider hiring a digital agency for marketing in Asia:

1.  Reach More Channels

Most businesses lack the resources to customize content for multiple channels. Previously, the Asian audience mainly used Facebook to connect with friends and family. But now, people are exploring other options. Although Facebook remains a key social media platform, Asians now use TikTok, Instagram, and WeChat to stay updated on the latest trends and make purchases.

Paid campaigns like PPC might be part of the mix, but you need a digital marketing agency to create SEO-optimized content that helps generate inbound or organic traffic for your website. This introduces an element of trust that you can never get with paid campaigns.

Hiring an agency like Weave Asia can help identify newer target markets and develop customized content for existing social media channels, giving you the competitive advantage to stand out.

2.  Cost Efficiency

An in-house marketing team costs considerably more than hiring a digital marketing agency. Agencies are cheaper in the long run because they hire multiple people specializing in different fields.

A full-service agency houses a content specialist, an SEO strategist, a graphic designer, and a videographer. So, when you outsource marketing, you get more for what you pay. Moreover, if you become a retainer with an agency, they offer more competitive benefits to retain you.

Secondly, since digital marketing agencies have several clients, they must invest in high-end marketing tools for PPC, email management, and SEO trackers. These tools can be costly for an in-house team of a small business.

3.  Scalability

A digital marketing agency can adjust according to your business requirements. When you’re on a budget, you can even hire the agency on a project basis. For instance, if you want to start a marketing campaign for Christmas, you don’t have to become a retainer; you can hire the agency for a specific project. As your business grows, you can increase your marketing spending.

Moreover, you can lower acquisition costs and increase ROI with a higher budget and the right marketing agency.

4.  Get More Done with the Latest Trends in Marketing

As digital marketing trends evolve, marketing experts must also keep themselves up to date. A small in-house team is not equipped to handle quick trend changes, but if you have a well-equipped in-house team, you are still better off as multiple sources are working on single projects.

Since a digital agency deals with multiple clients in different industries, it can generate new ideas that can help engage the customer better, increase website traffic, and grow your business.

A full-service agency can also identify can track metrics to assess project performance and advise ways to improve it. The agency can even help give an insight into the customer’s journey to help you understand buying habits.

These buying habits can start new conversions and reduce abandoned carts.

5.  Consumer and Competitor Research

A digital marketing agency has the human resources and tools to conduct consumer and competitor research. They can align their strategies with your business goals, provide valuable insights, and collaborate closely to drive mutual success.

With the right marketing agency, you have a business partner who must ensure you meet your goals to keep you as a retainer.

With insights and SWOT analysis, you can develop a marketing strategy that gives results while keeping yourself updated with the latest marketing trends to improve customer feedback and instill confidence in your business.

6.  Increased ROI

Since the right marketing agency has all the premium tools, specialized team members, and expertise, they can deliver an increased return on your marketing investment. So, your pay-per-click marketing strategy can increase conversions if the copy strikes the right chord with the audience.

The digital marketing agency is also aware of what the customer regards as trustworthy since they have a diverse portfolio of clients. Most agencies work in collaboration with industry leaders to find the best strategy for increasing traffic and conversions

Final Words

When you go for a digital marketing agency, you must know that it stands for something more than just marketing – it is an investment that will help your business increase the number of customers, allowing it to grow beyond borders.

On top of that, a digital marketing agency costs less than an in-house marketing team in the long run. Since it is a contractual relationship, the business does not have the agency’s employees on the payroll, nor do they have to pay for their benefits or invest in retention strategies.

These benefits make outsourcing digital marketing beneficial for the business and advantageous for the agency’s survival. We hope you learned something from this article; if you feel we missed something, please tell us in the comments below.