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Top Places to Visit in New Year in Dubai

There are plenty of ways to celebrate your New Year in Dubai. The destination is famous for hosting some of the most incredible fireworks shows and New Year parties. If you are a resident of the UAE or traveling to the region to celebrate New Year, here are some of the top activities and places to visit.

Best places to visit in Dubai for New Year’s

Dubai is famous for its extravagant lifestyle and lavish parties. New Year’s is one of the most awaited celebrations in the city. Millions of people gather across Dubai to welcome a New Year in style through exclusive parties and fireworks displays.

Hence, we have provided you with a list of places and other activities that you should consider doing to amplify your New Year celebrations in Dubai.

  • Desert Safari
  • Yacht party Dubai
  • Burj Khalifa fireworks
  • Bluewater Island fireworks and drone show
  • The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah
  • Global Village, Dubai
  • Madinat, Jumeirah
  • Fine dining at Dubai Opera

Desert Safari

One of the things that the UAE has in abundance is expansive deserts. Hence, these make for great destinations to host wonderful New Year celebrations. While the Dubai desert safari is popular throughout the year, the demand for this is high during New Year’s.

Booking a desert safari in Dubai will enable you and your family to enjoy an incredible time. Following are some of the inclusion of desert safari.

  • Ride the dunes on a luxurious 4×4 SUV
  • Enjoy activities like camel riding and sandboarding
  • Delve into the Middle Eastern culture with regional cuisine dining
  • Enjoy shows like belly dance, fire dance and Tanoura

Yacht party Dubai

Yacht party Dubai is the most incredible way to celebrate New Year’s in Dubai. The city is famous for its marinas and exclusive yachts. Leading yacht rental companies in the region offer exciting New Year party packages that can substantially elevate your celebrations.

Some of the aspects that you can expect at a New Year yacht party in Dubai are as follows:

  • DJ and entertainment
  • Fine dining
  • Travel to top destinations around the coast of Dubai
  • Specialized decorations

With New Year around the corner, we advise you to book your yachts as early as possible. The demand for yachts is incredibly high, and you don’t want to miss your chance of partying on a yacht. So book your yachts in Dubai now.

Burj Khalifa fireworks

Every year Dubai stuns the world with a mesmerizing display of fireworks at Burj Khalifa. It’s the fireworks you can enjoy at Burj Khalifa and the fantastic laser and synchronized fountain show.

Perhaps an important point to note is that year after year, the popularity of the Burj Khalifa fireworks has drawn thousands of spectators to the location. This has made it slightly challenging for people to travel to Burj Khalifa and find the right spot.

Hence, we advise you to arrive at the location 4 hours in advance and find the right place to view the fireworks and other shows. Additionally, you can book a spot at some of the top restaurants around the building that offer a great view of Burj Khalifa and the fountain show.

Bluewater Island fireworks and drone show

Just a short drive from Bur Dubai, adjacent to the Dubai Marina, Bluewater Island hosts an incredible firework and drone show. These shows have already commenced and will continue till January 29th, 2023.

While fireworks are standard around multiple locations in Dubai, the drone show is a must-see. Over 100 drones will light up the sky with a perfectly synchronized display of art.

Our best choice is to travel to the JBR beach for a perfect spot to view these shows. Make sure to get there by 8 PM to catch the fireworks and drone show. Timings may vary during New Year’s Eve.

The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah

As we have mentioned above, Dubai has no shortage of fun. The firework show continues at the Pointe in Palm Jumeirah. Along with the fireworks, you also enjoy the spectacular display of fountain shows at the largest water fountain in the world.

You can travel to this location on the monorail or in your private vehicle. Perhaps, getting there ahead of time is recommended due to heavy traffic during New Year’s.

Global Village, Dubai

Another exciting way to celebrate New Year’s in Dubai is by visiting the Global Village. Along with an extraordinary display of fireworks, you also enjoy a host of other activities like regional dances from around the world. The location will be bustling with food stalls and other pop-up stores.

This is the perfect place for families to enjoy a pleasant time celebrating New Year’s in Dubai.

Madinat, Jumeirah

With over 44 restaurants and bars located in this region, Madinat, Jumeirah, is the best sport for party enthusiasts to celebrate New Year’s. Exclusive DJ parties with popular guests from all over the world are what you can expect at Madinat, Dubai.

Pre-book your parties in one of the top hotels in the region and indulge in the most staggering New Year party in Dubai.

Fine dining at Dubai Opera

If you are an enthusiast of the Opera, the Dubai Opera has you covered. For people who prefer to celebrate their New Year with a gourmet dinner and a soothing Opera show, you can book your tickets to the Dubai Opera.

Since Dubai Opera is situated next to the Burj Khalifa, getting to this location might be a bit of a hassle with heavy traffic and large crowds. Thus, getting to the venue ahead of time is highly recommended.

Celebrate the most exciting New Year in Dubai

From buzzing yacht parties to splendid fireworks shows, Dubai is never short of giving you the New Year celebration you need. With thousands of travelers visiting Dubai, the region has witnessed a substantial increase in tourists. Therefore, no matter what you have in mind for your New Year’s celebration, we advise you to pre-book your plans in advance.