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Top MOBAs for Genre Beginners

Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (or MOBAs) are pretty weird if you played them before. This is because they don’t really play like other styles of games. They’re kind of like a classic Dungeon-Crawler, kind of like a strategy game and then there’s online thrown in on top to confuse newcomers even more. This all makes the genre quite intimidating for new players, meaning lots of gamers never get the opportunity to really see what the genre has to offer.

That’s why we’re going to look at four of the best beginner friendly MOBAs which genre newcomers can try today.

While we will order these titles in order of recommendation, we suggest you give all four a look to find the one which shouts out to you in terms of aesthetics, characterisation and gameplay. This is because all four can be a great place to start, provided you feel inspired!

Heroes of the Storm – For the Most Casual Experience

Widely considered the most beginner friendly MOBA out there, Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s MOBA title which pits iconic characters from their various renowned franchises against one another. Ever wanted to pit Garrosh against Tyrael while being supported by Zarya and Lucio? No problem, Heroes of the Storm has you covered.

Heroes of the Storm is often seen as the most casual of the AAA MOBAs, meaning it’s a great place to start. It is also much more forgiving than others, especially in the lower ranks.

The Heroes of the Storm community is also known for having less toxicity than other titles on this list, given that the game has a much less intense esports scene and is aimed more at casual players who enjoy both MOBAs and Blizzard’s other catalogue of games.

So, if you want a friendly training ground to get the hang of the genre, Heroes of the Storm can be a great place to start.

League of Legends – For the Biggest MOBA

The biggest and (arguably) best MOBA out there, League of Legends has the potential to be intense, difficult and seriously tense. But despite this fact, it’s still a great place to start for a number of reasons.

Firstly, League is the biggest MOBA out there, meaning that if you enjoy it, you’ll probably stick with it instead of moving to another title down the line. This is thanks to its huge roster of characters alongside its thriving competitive scene. And ultimately, if you learn League, you’ll be learning the most played MOBA out there—one with many other MOBAs take cues from.

Secondly, League has the largest community of all MOBAs. This means there are plenty of guides to help you get to grips with the games. Alongside the fact that you’ll never be short on players in matchmaking.

Thirdly, League is among the deepest MOBAs out there. It has over 150 champions, each with specific skills, abilities and use cases. While this will undoubtedly be bamboozling for a new player, it means that there is plenty of content to keep you around. Meaning if you learn League, you’ll be learning one of the largest and richest MOBAS that there is.

Once you’ve cut your teeth with the basics of League, you can supercharge your progress by boosting your account into the higher leagues. This will not only bolster your spot on the leader board, but it will pit you against tougher opponents to speed up your progress.

Smite – For Third Person

For fans of mythology and history, Smite’s unique take on the MOBA format might be the best place to start.

Smite’s greatest selling point for newcomers is its camera. Yes, this might sound a bit boring, but many new players simply don’t enjoy the top-down view of most MOBA titles. Instead, Smite offers a third person perspective with MMO fans will be very familiar with.

Smite also offers a wealth of alternative modes which are a great way to get into the flow of using cooldowns, strategizing and getting to know your characters.

Ultimately, Smite is often considered a “lite” MOBA, given the fact it doesn’t really feel like most mainstream MOBAs, but that can make it a great entry point for newcomers.

DOTA 2 – For a Challenge

More complex. More hardcore. More competitive. These are three terms which make DOTA 2 a game which isn’t great for MOBA newcomers. However, if can make it a good option for a certain type of player.

DOTA 2 has a reputation for being a seriously competitive game, due to both its smaller fan-base and red-hot esports scene. While this complexity and competitiveness will not be great for casual newcomers to the MOBA genre, it can scratch the itch for players who want a challenge to overcome.

DOTA 2 is also one of the most typical MOBAs out there, making it a great (albeit hardcore) training ground for getting into the rest of the genre.

Thanks to the game’s long lifespan and dedicated community, there is a wealth of community content which can help you get good at the game. And the in-game tutorials aren’t bad either!

Ultimately, we wouldn’t recommend DOTA 2 to MOBA newcomers, unless you’re intentionally looking for a challenge.