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Top 7 Worth Reading Entertainment / Media Blogs

Entertainment blogs are supposed to provide top, latest, hot news regarding celebrities. We all are curious to know ‘What’s new! What’s happening! and How!’ in the lives of celebrities no matter whether they are old, young actors, actresses, media personalities, singers, or Television stars. For this purpose, many entertainment blogs have come up with hot and sizzling news related to your favourite, top, famous even notorious, or lost celebrities.

You just name it and the blogs will provide it with “ongoing scenarios” happening in the life of the celebrities. Whenever there is a conversation about a superstar, famous personality, or public figure, people get inquisitive. The urge to see more and get additional information lands you on the entertainment blog. Although people are busy in their own life. But when they click on entertainment blogs they forget about themselves and take a keen interest in the good and bad news of renowned media celebs.

Undoubtedly celebrities are true entertainers for us. The background stories, inner stories, facts and figures, lifestyles, and current happenings are all available on entertainment blogs. To know more about media people, here is a list that entails the Top 7 Worth Reading Entertainment Blogs for you. These entertainment blogs post pictures, images, news, the latest talk, and what is happening today in the life of any celebrity.

Usually, entertainment blog websites are Hollywood and celebrity news and gossip oriented only but some entertainment blogs like to provide information about the latest happenings and trends along with celebrity lifestyle content. Let’s discuss the features of each entertainment blog one by one.

1.  Rising Tales, Celebrity Gossip, TikTok News.

The first entertainment blog is the famous https://risingtales.com. It offers a total entertainment package for the readers. The blog covers news from all angles of celebrity life. It is not limited to only television and movie personalities, it also updates about public figures such as TikTok singers, sportspersons, and social media stars too. For wholesome celebrity gossip and rumours like interviews, scandals, breakups, biographies and engagements, Rising Tales is the recommended one.

All behind-the-scene stories are mentioned in detail with proper pictures. The articles published here are filled with reliable information and in-depth news. The most well-known TikTok celebrities of today’s time can be seen living their lives on Rising Tales Bio posts. It also entertains its viewers with the live stream of award shows, new releases and premiers, and other red-carpet events.

The plus point of this blog is that it also features articles about ordinary people with extraordinary talent. The blog publishes an average of 2 posts a day. It has attracted hundreds of followers on the official Instagram and Facebook accounts.

2.  TMZ.com

The second most recommended entertainment blog is TMZ.com. The abbreviation TMZ stands for Thirty Mile Zone. As the name indicates this blog initially provided its readers with the latest news, gossip, and several articles about celebrities within 30-kilometer premises of its main location.

The main headquarter of TMZ.com is on West Jefferson Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, United States. It is an online entertainment blog that offers tabloid journalism for its viewers. The blog’s Instagram account @tmz-tv has 6.3M followers. The articles on TMZ.com are enriched with information regarding lifestyle, beauty, health, sports, hip hop, and gossip of people in the entertainment industry, especially Hollywood films and television industry personalities.

The articles published have real material along with images, pictures, videos, full episodes, and short clips as well. It is pure entertainment filled with non-stop showbiz gossip for the readers. This fastest-growing blog has launched its TMZ Live and TMZ TV news program. Publishes an average of 15 posts in a day.

  • Blog Website Link: https://www.tmz.com/
  • Launch Date: 2005
  • Category: Arts and Entertainment news
  • Headquarters Location: US, California, Los Angeles
  • TMZ App: Available for Android and iOS


The third entertainment blog is Hollywood Life by Bonnie Fuller. As fascinating as the name of the blog is, so is the news and information available on this blog. It brings the latest news, popular culture, and viral content from all over the Hollywood world. It highlights all the hottest stars, women’s issues, adult topics, and entertainment news bulletins.

In addition to this, it updates its viewers with the latest content on fashion trends, beauty tips, fitness, sports, sex and relationships, award shows, and the hottest lifestyle. Hollywood life also includes podcasts on current issues, interviews, and sizzling gossip revolving around the life of all the celebrities of Hollywood on Page 3.

One can never get bored while reading the articles as it contains information with catchy images, photos, and videos relevant to the topic. The blog publishes an average of 13 posts in a day. The official Instagram account is @hollywoodlife where it has 1.4 million followers from all over the world.

  • Blog’s Website Link: https://www.hollywoodlife.com
  • Launch Date: 2009
  • Category: Entertainment and Advertising
  • Headquarters Location: New York City, United States.


The fourth entertainment blog on the list is Buzz Feed Entertainment. Buzzfeed has captured the digital media globally. The blog provides breaking news, original celebrity reports, updates on Netflix series, Tasty food recipes, quizzes, and DIY hacks. The articles on this blog have exciting headings, attractive images, and engaging topics. It covers all the news related to the celebrities who puked on the film set and who talked about mental health.

Nothing about celebrities is hidden by Buzz Feed. The video content on Buzz Feed can be shared on social media as well. This entertainment blog publishes an average of 14 posts in a day. No doubt, Buzz Feed brings purely online entertainment having a blend of journalism and social news for people all around the world. It is estimated that Buzz Feed has 200M viewers. The Instagram account of @buzzfeedceleb has 294K followers.

  • Blog’s Website Link: https://www.Buzzfeed.com
  • Launch Date: 2006
  • Category: Entertainment News
  • Headquarter Location: Greater New York, United States


The fifth entertainment blog is ‘People’. It is an online version of an old and renowned People magazine. People magazine had a huge audience and readership in the US. Now the website People.com entertains its viewers with the latest news, celebrity culture, and the most recent information on new television programs, motion pictures, and best-selling books.

Here you will get the trending gossip related to your favourite celebrities like actors, actresses, stars, singers, athletes, and famous personalities. The blog keeps updating its readers regarding who is dating whom, ex-stories, scandals, confessions, and some real talk about superstars and public figures.

The combination of gossip and rumours creates more excitement among readers to know more. People’s entertainment blogs also provide human interest-related stories, which makes it outstanding among other entertainment blogs. It also has a YouTube channel that shows podcasts and trending news images.

  • Blog’s Website Link: https://www.people.com
  • Launch Date: 1994
  • Category: Celebrity News and Human Interest
  • Headquarters Location: United States


The sixth entertainment blog is Entertainment Tonight by Al Masini. The name itself explains it all. The ET blog covers the latest and breaking news about the biggest celebrities in Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

The readers will find the latest pictures and interesting images of their favourite stars, movies, and Television. In addition to the stories, gossip, scandals, and tragedies of celebrities, the articles on this blog also deliver red-carpet events, outfit trends, fashion, style, exclusive news, and reviews. One section of ET provides reviews on newly released movies and best-selling books.

It is truly a leading source of entertainment for other entertainment blogs. The official Instagram account of @entertainmenttonight has 4.1 million followers from all over the world.

  • Blog’s Website Link: https://www.entertainmenttonight.com
  • Launch Date: 1981
  • Category: Celebrity News and Entertainment
  • Headquarters Location: United States


    The seventh entertainment blog on the list is PopSugar initiated in 2006 by a couple. As the name indicates it pops up the latest, hottest, and biggest moments happening in the entertainment industry. The articles on this blog entertain the readers with easy-to-understand texts, quality pictures, and incredible videos.

The content on this blog comprises fashion tips, beauty hacks, fitness guidelines, and much more. PopSugar offers original and genuine content, be it one-on-one interviews, live event shows, and other videos. Thus, it is one of the famous online entertainment content providers. The blog publishes 5 posts a day. The official Instagram account @popSugar has 1.4 Million followers.

  • Blog’s Website Link: https://www.popsugar.com
  • Launch Date: 2006
  • Category: Digital media, Lifestyle, and Entertainment
  • Headquarters Location: United States, California, San Francisco

Now don’t miss to enjoy reading your favourite part of the news from these Top 7 worth-reading entertainment blogs. Keep reading and stay up-to-date.