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Top 7 Benefits of Data Onboarding Software in 2023

Data is an essential component of many businesses and organizations, and the ability to collect data effectively from customers can have a major impact on an organization’s success. In recent years, data onboarding software has become a popular choice for organizations looking to streamline their data management processes, especially when it comes to cleaning and ingesting CSV and Excel spreadsheets from customers. In this article, we will explore the benefits of off-the-shelf onboarding software and why it is essential for data-driven organizations in 2023.

Automate the tedious stuff

One of the biggest benefits of using data onboarding software is automation. By automating the process of mapping, validating, and transforming data, organizations can save time and resources that would otherwise be spent manually cleaning data. This is especially true for organizations with large data sets or those that need to import data from multiple sources. Since no one likes to clean spreadsheets, offloading it to software increases the morale of the customer success and operations teams.

Maintain accurate data

Data onboarding software can also help to improve the accuracy of data. Nothing causes a customer to churn faster than seeing incorrect or corrupt data in a product. And when it comes to analytics, “garbage in means garbage out”, as they say. By automating the data import process, organizations can ensure that customer data is entered into the system right the first time, without the risk of human error. Better data integrity means happier customers and more accurate analytics.

Boost staff productivity

Data onboarding software can also increase productivity by reducing the time and attention required to fix broken importing processes. By freeing up valuable staff resources, organizations can stay focused on more critical tasks, such as building core features and interacting with customers. This can help to improve the overall efficiency of the team.

Integrate with anything

Data onboarding software also helps organizations integrate data from multiple sources more effectively. A flexible data onboarding solution can handle data from any data source – even outdated data sources with crazy formatting and no API support. Rather than waiting weeks to build custom integrations with a tiny fraction of their customers’ source data systems, organizations can use data onboarding software to start accepting data from all of them immediately.

Scale up effortlessly

Another benefit of using data onboarding software is scalability. As organizations grow, they need to import and manage larger amounts of data from their customers. While homegrown importers frequently break as they start to scale, off-the-shelf importers are built and battle-tested to scale and are ready for production-use on day one. Modern data onboarding software can process files with thousands or millions of rows at a time. This means organizations can stay laser-focused on their customers even as they scale up the data they collect.

Save money

Buying off-the-shelf data onboarding software tends to be significantly cheaper for an organization than developing its own comparable solution. Organizations avoid allocating scarce engineering and product resources to designing, implementing, maintaining, and improving a complete data onboarding process – a notoriously fussy and tedious process full of potholes and edge cases. Organizations can either pocket those cost savings or invest them in improving the core parts of their business.

Improve data security

Finally, the right data onboarding solution can also help to improve data security. When a customer is frustrated by a slow onboarding process, they might resort to sending sensitive data around in unsecured emails, out of desperation. By providing a high-quality and reliable data onboarding process, organizations can ensure that sensitive data is entered into their system accurately and securely. This can help to improve the overall security of customer data. To maximize privacy, look for data onboarding software with a trustless architecture that does not require exposing customer data to any third party.

In conclusion, data onboarding software is a must-have investment for organizations looking to streamline how they ingest data from customers. By automating data onboarding, organizations can save time and resources, improve the accuracy of their data, increase productivity, integrate data from more sources, scale up faster, save money, and improve data security. In 2023, investing in the right onboarding software will position organizations to transform data importing from a nuisance to a strategic advantage, accelerating time-to-value for their customers.

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