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Top 6 Benefits Of Installing A 4G Dashcam

There are so many benefits that come with having a 4G dashcam in your car, like Rewire Security. The whole purpose of any camera in your car is to ensure the safety of your vehicle and to report any wrongdoing of others.

There are a couple of things that you do need to know about these 4G dashcams though, like whether they drain your car battery, the benefits of having them in the first place, and is 4G is enough for a dashcam.

Do 4G Dashcams Drain Car Batteries?

If you’re wondering if having a 4G dashcam might mean draining your car battery, then you’ve come to the right place. A lot of people think like this and ask this question, the only problem is it’s a difficult thing to answer depending on a few things.

It really all depends on what 4G dashcam you purchase and who/where you purchase it from. A lot of them do in fact however drain your car battery if you leave the dashcam plugged in.

This basically means that it’s running all the time through an always-on adapter, which doesn’t stop draining or taking its power until the car battery itself is dead, or you physically turn it off/unplug it.

While there are methods to prevent the dashcam from draining the car battery, like hardwiring kits, or built-in voltage monitoring systems, it’s generally recommended to keep the camera rolling, even at night. This is because you never know when someone might attempt to steal your car, start a hit-and-run, or get into an accident and not know who caused what.

If your car is safely stored away in a secure garage or someplace similar, then you’d be better off turning it off during that time though. This prevents it from eating the battery and does not override or stop the recorded footage.

What Advantage Is There Of Having A 4G Dashcam?

When it comes to the advantages that come with owning a 4G dashcam and having it installed, there is seriously a lot to consider. They’re one of the best ways to record the surroundings of your car, often including trackers in them as well.

If you’re a business, company, or simply someone who travels a lot, it can be really useful to own a dashcam with 4G, so you’re able to capture everything that happens and be fully insured if it wasn’t your fault when and if getting into an accident.

If someone were to, maybe say, key your vehicle, or tamper with it in any way, then because you have access to a dashcam, you will be able to see who did it and hand the footage over to the police for investigation.

Because of the fact that a lot of 4G dashcams, like Rewire Security, include trackers and GPS systems inside their cameras, you’re able to track the vehicle with ease. This goes for business owners who are monitoring and tracking employees, or when theft is involved.

You can set up alerts and notifications for things like if the driver is speeding, idling, moving, out of work hours use, boundaries within certain areas, etc. This way you can get instant notifications for when a vehicle leaves or enters specific zones on the map.

Other benefits include access to footage whenever, uploading important or critical videos to your drive, and notifying you when it detects harsh acceleration, braking, or any type of accident.

How Much Space Is Good Enough For 4G Dashcams?

You might be wondering if you’re going to have enough space if you use a 4G dashcam, which is totally valid since a lot of them make you use your own storage systems.

However, there are a couple of places that provide you with a storage system for your 4G dashcam, like Rewire Security, where you can store your video data in the cloud. Generally, these videos end up being 720p.

Because of this fact, you can save money on SD cards or disks that you’d need for regular run-of-the-mill dashcams. You won’t need to constantly be deleting files or going through them with this advantage.

Now in regard to how much space a storage device or the cloud should have, you’d want something that has a decent amount, though it depends on how often you’ll be driving and using the car, and how often you’ll be going through the footage.

Generally, since 1080p recordings take up about 6GB worth of space for an hour’s worth of recording, and 720p isn’t too far off that number, you’ll want something with at most 60GB worth of storage to hold all your recordings. If you’re prone to not clearing out your storage device then get something with a higher number, and less if you clear it every couple of days or weekly.

Final Thoughts

4G Dashcams are seriously amazing. They have so many uses when it comes to the vehicle you drive or the company’s vehicle. You’re able to even track the location of automobiles with dashcams with GPS!

Luckily for you as well, a lot of 4G dashcams offer cloud storage devices to store your recordings, which are uploaded automatically and give you access whenever you need.