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Top 5 romantic restaurants in Sedona!

Sedona is a desert city located in Arizona USA. The city has always been a tourist attraction for its beautiful red-rock-ridden landscapes and challenging but rewarding hikes. The forgiving, dry weather and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. The surroundings of the city are rich in history and sites like the Tuzigoot National Monument are a testimonial to its richness. In addition to that, red Rock infested terrains, canyons, hills, and wide highways add to the thrill Sedona has to offer. There is a lot about Sedona to fall in love with. The scenic beauty, the adventure, rewarding hiking, and of course food! Being a South American city, both Latin and American cuisines can be tasted here. Also mixed innovative approaches towards food resulting from years of lovely co-existence! This article will try to get in touch with the top 5 romantic restaurants in Sedona where food is served with love. And are known for their exotic, romantic atmosphere.

1. The Hudson

The Hudson is a friendly neighborhood restaurant. Since 2015 the restaurant has been catering to hunger and taste daily, for lunch and dinner. The food is chef-driven, the cocktails are fun, and all that in a family-like atmosphere. The Hudson was conceived to be an upscale yet casual restaurant. Naturally, the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.

2. Mariposa

This Latin-inspired grill follows Mediterranean-style cooking. The “Mariposa” means butterfly. And as Chef Lisa Dahl, the founder puts it, the result of a romantic affair with food. The restaurant tries to deliver a fine dining experience. In a humble and romantic atmosphere. And for more than 20 years now, they have delivered the same with absolute finesse.

3. Hideaway House

A scenic and romantic lunch with a tree house feel to it? That too while overlooking the breathtaking creeks and canyons of Sedona? Then the hideaway house is a perfect place to be. The restaurant is known for its wonderful sandwiches. And fast but safe delivery, from your doorstep to right outside to your car. The restaurant serves a unique menu of Italian-American cuisine. And admired for its friendly and quiet environment.

4. The Golden Goose

The Golden Goose is an American grill, renowned for its wonderful steaks and unique seafood. The restaurant has been repeatedly considered among the top in Sedona due to its finesse in serving dessert and wonderful ribs that go in a calm and warm atmosphere. Since its inception in 2010, the Golden Goose has been serving lunch and dinner 7 days a week. And due to their dedication and high standards, they are awarded the traveler’s choice and best of the best awards in both 2020 and 2021. Indeed, a memorable dining experience!

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5. Casa Sedona Inn

Looking for a dining experience amidst greenery and bounties of nature? Casa Sedona Inn is just the place to be. The restaurant occupies almost an acre of land of juniper forests and manicured gardens. Sedona with all its hiking destinations and steep canyons can be exhausting for a traveler. Casa Sedona Inn is there to balance the fatigue. It’s a perfect destination for a weekend getaway with your loved ones. Offers a relaxing environment amidst trees, fountains, and sweet singing birds. Due to the promises and wonderful environment, Casa Sedona Inn is considered one of the most romantic restaurants in the entire United States.


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