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TOP 5 Commercial EV Charging Stations

Have you ever wondered how long it takes to charge your electric motor? If your answer is 10 minutes or more, then I’m going to tell you that you need a great charger station for your car. We all know that many factors affect the charging time of our cars but still, there are some simple methods used to find a good charger for your vehicle. But first, let’s understand what an EV charger is and what we charge. Let’s start with defining EVs.

What is an Electric Vehicle (EV)?

An Electric Vehicle (EV) is defined as any kind of passenger or commercial vehicle that uses electricity instead of gas or petrol (petrol, diesel). The main aim of this type of Car is to provide energy to people by producing, distributing, using, and recycling energy. In other words, they are capable of not only producing energy but also getting rid of energy itself. This means that even if it produces electricity, it doesn’t emit it for generating energy.

Now, let us go through the five best EV chargers list. These chargers are located in places where people work, study, and live. People who frequent public areas such as libraries, cafeterias, cafes, stores, etc. are probably familiar with these sites. After visiting these sites, many of them want to know how fast they can charge a car. Therefore, having the right answers is an essential problem. Of course, some people have already found the solutions and have a lot of experience with charging stations. Still, many other users are just starting right now. If you are looking for the best car charging stations, go for those that meet your requirements.

1. ChargePoint

ChargePoint, based in China, is known worldwide. It has been operating since 1992 and is considered one of the biggest car chargers. In fact, at present, ChargePoint chargers can carry as much as 350KW. Moreover, it offers several charging options for numerous brands and features. On average, its prices are relatively lower compared to many competitors. Its installation costs and charging times are lower than others. Nevertheless, be aware that it is not compatible with DC and AC plugs. You have to use a 120V AC plug only.

2. Voltu

Voltu, based in Italy, was founded in 1978. Today, it carries 12kW of power. During 2019, it worked for 7 years. It works through a USB cable and provides 15% discounts. Since 2003, it has worked smoothly with its system. Additionally, it also sells third-party products though it does not require certification and requires installation by authorized dealers. Unfortunately, it is not a convenient option for large businesses. Finally, it supports wireless charging. So, you should look into them before buying them.

3. TECO Superlodge

TECO Superlodge, established in 1999, is famous among European car enthusiasts. It delivers 150 kW of power capacity via 240V. Also, you can get access to 300W charging. Unfortunately, their website is not very clear. Nevertheless, you can purchase all the necessary components online. Furthermore, it has a 60-day guarantee and support. According to owners’ reviews, it has become quite popular nowadays. But before purchasing it, go to its official website and browse the product carefully. Then, you need to decide whether the brand and size of the vehicle are suitable for charging in a particular region. Your decision-making process will help you select the best ones. Other than that, you will be aware of your finances, and whether you have enough spare cash for upgrades. Afterward, you can order the right part. Once your vehicle arrives, put everything together and charge it.

4. Pure Power Solutions

Pure Power Solutions, founded in 2001, is currently ranked No. 4 in the world. It covers all the features of the Tesla Model S, XS, and Model 3. Many people consider this brand the best one, especially because it has the highest specification, and charging times depend on the distance from the charger. In other words, if you live close to your house and park your car far away, you might find it difficult to maintain the proper level of power. Thus, many people try to install solar panels and inverter chargers to fill that gap. But since 2005, more and more people are afraid of doing that because of the constant threat of losing their homes or other buildings due to storms. Even worse, it is hard to predict how the hot summer sun could affect the vehicle’s cooling system. As a result, you won’t be surprised to hear that there are solar panels used.

5. Voodoo Home Charging Station

Voodoo Home Charging Station focuses on providing cheap-quality service to customers. Currently, it operates within Asia Pacific and Europe as a direct operator. However, its website is also available for viewing in North America and South American regions only. The company gained popularity after it announced plans to expand overseas and increase production. Anyway, please visit its official site and read more customer reviews. Not only can you easily view the technical data on its website but you can also search for your desired products. 


So there you have it. Six excellent choices for automotive charging. Whether you’re shopping for a new or pre-owned car, taking advantage of sale deals, or you just want to enjoy all that California has to offer without dropping thousands in car payments, commercial EV chargers are a fantastic solution. Plus once you get your hands on a certified EV, no charging hardware or laptop is required.