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Top 3 Microsoft certifications to expedite your IT career in 2023

Microsoft Certification is a great way to improve your IT career and increase employability. People can use Microsoft Office to access applications such as MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, and MS Project. Regardless of expertise, one must have a good understanding of Microsoft software to succeed in any job position.

Microsoft is important for both businesses and users, and most companies value Microsoft certification. To develop our talents and become certified Microsoft specialists, we can enroll in MS certification programs.

The benefits of a Microsoft certification include:

-MS Office competence

A Microsoft certification serves as proof of your expertise with MS Office, which consists of MS Word for document authoring, MS PowerPoint for presentation creation, MS Project for project management, and MS Excel for data management. By obtaining an MS certification, you may establish your command of Microsoft software and create the foundation for a successful IT career.

-Proficiency in Creating Expert Charts

You need to know how to develop Microsoft programs if you want to become a master chart maker. Business analysts and financial professionals are the ideal candidates to design charts. But soon, practically all jobs will require this understanding. Charts must support all types of data and sources. Moreover, charts are a crucial component of presentations, which you could occasionally encounter in your field of work.

-Data compilation abilities

Data is now genuinely meaningful in the world. To prove your point of view or viewpoint, you must provide enough evidence. Microsoft Excel is one of the most useful tools in this situation. Data can be formatted and compiled in great detail with this application. Files can be grouped together, and data can be sorted.

-Workplace adaptability

Online access is the newest big thing in Microsoft software. Stakeholders and corporate executives can access your work online from anywhere. Because of your expertise with MS programs and the resulting increased job flexibility, you excel as a leader at work.

-More promising employment opportunities

Your employment opportunities are increased by obtaining a Microsoft certification, which also simplifies and streamlines job duties. Because you hold an MS, you can attest to the difficulty of leadership and analytical responsibilities. Thanks to your proficiency with Microsoft software, you can seek a salary raise and better positions, which will help you expand your business and your level of success. Also, possessing this qualification is often necessary to land a job.

Top Microsoft certifications to expedite your IT career in 2023


SharePoint expertise is highly valued, with 85% of Fortune 500 firms using it, and there are more than 65,000 job listings for positions related to it. SharePoint enables team members to communicate and share files and changes, allowing for real-time information flow. It provides creative and distinctive alternatives to develop unique features and tools for application development.

SharePoint allows developers to easily integrate and customize components for their development projects, build dynamic team sites, and pool resources. It is also used for Microsoft business applications such as Flow, PowerApps, and Microsoft Teams. The six most common jobs in SharePoint are administrator, architect, developer, engineer, analyst, and consultant.

SharePoint is a great solution for businesses that can help them operate more efficiently and profitably. It provides free solutions for storing files and keeps all data safe under a single virtual roof. Microsoft SharePoint is an effective solution that helps keep businesses running smoothly and compliant with regulations. SharePoint training can be used to introduce the product to the team and learn the genuine difference each business can have.

Microtek Learning is a leader in providing SharePoint Certification, with a skilled “Microsoft Technical Expert Team” of over 27 experts in managing projects, constructing applications, and creating dashboards. Our experienced instructors have developed cutting-edge teaching techniques to help candidates become comfortable with the SharePoint interface and use the online version of SharePoint to improve cooperation and production.


Microsoft PowerShell training courses provide an opportunity to increase your understanding of the language used by Microsoft for system administration and validate your profession.

PowerShell is an open-source shell built using Microsoft. It is a bifunctional tool that can be used as a scripting language, a command-line interface specific to the operating system, and a GUI to transmit commands from a user to an operating system. It can also be used to automate repetitive tasks due to its shell capabilities.

PowerShell certification is essential for all IT managers to be able to automate critical tasks on any Windows PC connected to a wide area network. It offers a range of advantages, such as the power of a GUI-based admin tool, scripting versatility, and command-line speed.

The PowerShell Certification Training provides in-depth instructions in PowerShell scripting to automate maintenance tasks and manage operations with Microtek Learning’s PowerShell training. It helps learners understand concepts such as scripting, scripting fundamentals, and PowerShell building blocks, and passes the Microsoft PowerShell Certification Exam.


Microsoft SQL training improves database administrators’ and professionals’ performance and efficiency, while also improving technical expertise.

Microsoft SQL certification can improve your presentation and demonstrate your knowledge of the latest SQL Server functionalities, making you more attractive to employers.

SQL proficiency is highly valued by employers and is more in demand than other data-related skills such as Python, R, and machine learning.

Microsoft SQL Server provides reliable databases, SQL queries, Transact-SQL apps, data warehousing, and BI solutions to help businesses make better decisions.


Microsoft provides a variety of technical and job-based certifications to demonstrate your professionalism. At Microtek Learning, we offer thorough official training materials for Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, PowerApps, and Microsoft Dynamic 365. Microsoft Certifications are based on the abilities required to carry out the jobs that have been defined by the sector. These positions are supported by all of the certification training materials available at Microsoft Learn. Earning a Microsoft Certification is quite beneficial because of this. It demonstrates you have the precise, employable skills required for careers in respectable fields. It explains how you can employ technical know-how to solve modern business problems. The training’s ongoing updating and the periodic introduction of new certificates also aid.