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Top 10 chemical marketplaces

chemical industry has changed remarkably during recent years. Most of businesses turn to boost their online presence rather than conventional marketing strategies. Current businesses are trying to make sure that they have the chance to be able to present their product and services to those who are searching for using internet.

Moreover, as each company is trying to promote its own product and services, chemical market places draw attention through extremely large number of subscriptions from 2020.

What are the plus points of online chemical bazars?

Online chemical bazars provide both seller and buyers with undeniable plus points. These websites provide number of advantages for B2B and B2C which are briefly listed below:

Advantages for sellers:

1. Generating revenue in a shorter period

2. Boosting brand awareness

3. Decreases the price of advertisements

4. Opportunity to receive requests base on each product

5. Create trust and accessibility

6. Receiving detailed reports

7. Discover new customers

8. Extra options such as delivery and insurance

Advantages for buyers:

1. Ability to compare different businesses and product

2. Access to a large amount of data in the shortest time

3. Utilize categorized data

4. Connecting vetted businesses

List of sites buying and selling chemicals online


ChemDirect is a new website which you can buy and sell commodity and specialty chemicals. With 400,000 chemical products, order rate of 99% and 3.5 average fulfilment time, it is deemed to be a popular and reliable website. Saving time and money, wide range of chemicals, approved businesses along with sales expansion and discovering new customers, are last but not least advantages that ChemDirect provide for both buyers and sellers.

Website: chemdirect.com


With 3000 monthly requests, chemMondise is revenue generating marketplace for chemical distributer and manufacturers. commodities and specialties are organized base on their industry which make it much easier to find and send request for what you are looking for. This site is only available for professional chemical businesses and 1600 verified suppliers indicates how reliable this site can be.

Website: chemondis.com


ECHEMI or E-commerce of chemical is aimed to be the world-leading chemical industry information platform to connect buyers and suppliers. Not only chemicals market, but ECHEMI also has an eye for food additives, industrial coatings, agrochemicals, dyes and pigments, surfactant, flavors and fragrances. Above all, ECHEMI is a research and analysis, logistics and E-commerce service provided located in Hong Kong.

Website: echemi.com


ReAgent is a UK chemical manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience. By adding values such as safe and fast delivery, customer service, Highly skilled, expert team and quality accredited. This website gives you the opportunity to compare updated price online for different pack sizes. ReAgent added value to its target audience by providing data about shipping and hazards.

Website: chemicals.co.u


The other platform which provide digital service for buying and selling chemicals is chemarc located India. This is the integrated solution that covers all steps of your purchase and payment. All chemical manufacturer, distributers, supplier and exporters can create free profile and promote their product and services. Moreover, each business can buy premium service to benefit from the features.

Website: chemarc.com


Knowde is a marketplace which could gather 7.500 suppliers of ingredients, polymers and chemicals. This business is proud of world trusted suppliers and customers such as Dupont, 3M, Givaudan, DOW, Gargill, sasol and Nouryon.

You can find products for industries including adhesives and sealants, agriculture, feed, industrial, construction, electronics, healthcare, nutrition and many other.

Website: knowde.com

The Chemical Company

“The Chemical Company” is different type of business from what we discussed before. Although it is not dedicated only for being an online chemical supplier, they could reach thousand audience in last few years. Above all else, the unique feature about “The Chemical Company” is being partner with manufacturer both domestically and internationally in Flame Retardants, Silanes, Acid, Water Treatment, Intermediates, Fertilizer/Crop Nutrition and polymer additives. If you had chance to browse website do not lose podcasts which are published monthly.

Website: thechemco.com

TEAM Chemicals

TEAM Chemicals is distributer and supplier of specialty chemicals. Moreover, they are also manufacturer of wide range of drilling fluid additives. Best selling products of TEAM in drilling market is lubricants, defoamer, biocide, drilling glycol and drilling starch. With international supply chain commodities and petrochemicals are supplied locally and exported all over the world.

It is worth mentioning that using this website makes it easy to find products based on industry and type of chemicals such as mineral, organics and etc.

Website: teamchem.co


SolvChem is one of the largest chemical distributors in Texas and surrounding area. The main products of SolvChem include alcohols, Aliphatic Naphthas, Amins, Aromatic Naphthas, Bases, Glycols, esters, Glycol Ether Esters and many others. The products indicate that this company is working in a niche market.

Website: solvchem.com

Chemical distributors

Directories have always been popular in any industries. “chemical-distributors” is a directory which categorize websites base on the countries, therefore it is easy to find chemical suppliers from specific area. This website gives any business the opportunity to add details about its products, values, mission and at the same time the contact number.

Website: chemical-distributors.com