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Tomato Mentor Releases Vegetation And Preservation Guide For Cultivators Against Black Tomato Variety Ripe

Sacramento, California, USA, August 9, 2023 – The timeline for maturity in black tomato variety is between 60 and 90 days. You can easily tell when your red tomato is ready for harvest, which is always between 60 and 70 days. It is not that obvious in black tomatoes. They don’t have a set time for ripening. Identifying a ripened one thus requires a bit of professionalism.

However, two things can aid rapid ripening in black tomato variety. First is sunlight and the other is the soil. The amount of sunlight your tomato is exposed to determines the ripening window. So, don’t forget to plant in a place where they’ll have access to between six and eight hours of exposure to direct sunlight. The PH level of your soil is also a ripening factor. The black tomato is an acid loving variety. Get your soil tested for the acidic level which should be an average of 6.2 to 6.8.

What to Look out for

  • The Color 

The black tomato variety starts up green like the other. As they advance in age, the dark shade becomes more obvious. Don’t expect it to be totally black just because it is called a black tomato. The dark shades often depend on the variety planted. Various colors like dark brown, blue, purple green are to be expected depending on the variety. One thing however is common to them all, the older it gets the deeper the color. The bottom begins to blush and spread out towards the shoulder until it finally achieves the expected color blend.

  • The Feel to Touch

A ripe black tomato variety will be heavy and give a bit when touched. This is not a soft feel but definitely lighter than when it was solid green. In addition, it will come off the vine easily with just a little pull.

  • The Scent

There’s a pleasant scent that comes with ripening in black tomatoes. It’s irresistible and if you have a sensitive nose you could easily pick it up. This is a pointer towards harvest.

  • The Seed Packet has basic information on the expected ripening stage for each variety. This could also help in preparing for your harvest.

When Should You Harvest Your Black Tomato?

First the color deepens and you can feel the subtle give to touch. See if you can pick out that pleasant scent, then it is time for harvest.

Finally, most black tomato varieties will be ready for harvest towards the end of summer and into fall. As frost begins to set in, your tomatoes become at risk. The perfect solution is to harvest and leave them in an airy space to gradually complete the ripening process.

A whole lot of processes are involved in the ripening of your black tomato variety. Let me share a little secret with you. You won’t understand unless you try it. And how better than to start planting this beautiful black tomato variety as soon as the next planting season. I hope you share your success story soon.

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