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Tips and tricks to keep pests away from your house

Isn’t it common that chemical-based products come to your mind when you are thinking about pest control? Did you ever think about the amount of harm these products cause to your health and surroundings? Fortunately, due to the growing usage of eco-friendly products, it is possible to keep pests like cockroaches, bugs, ants, termites, etc. away from your house without putting your health or your natural surroundings at stake. There are plenty of precautions that you must take to minimize the production of pests at your house. Here are some of the easiest tips and tricks that will help you to get rid of pests at your home. 

  1. Do not allow stagnant water around your house– One of the best places where mosquitoes breed is stagnant water. Therefore, it is essential that you do not allow the water to get stagnant around your home. To ensure this, make sure that the drains around your house are properly functioning, and keep the bathroom buckets and kitchen utensils empty when not in use. If you have places that accumulate water frequently then clean them regularly. If you want a pest-free house then make sure that there is no stagnant water around your house that allows pests to breed. 
  2. Use herbal and eco-friendly products– Getting rid of pests using chemical-based products is not the right way to get rid of them as it is harmful to yourself and your surroundings. For safe pest control go for eco-friendly products like herbal mosquito repellents, herbal cleaners, natural oils, etc. These products control pests efficiently and do not cause any harm to your health as they are made with ingredients that are extracted from mother nature making them chemical-free and environment-friendly products. Added to that, these products come in a wide variety that ensures all your home cleaning and maintenance is carried out in an eco-friendly way. 
  3. Cover the windows using a net- Covering the windows with a net prevents mosquitoes, flies, lizards, etc. from entering your house. Such nets will not only stop the mosquitoes and flies from entering but also ensure appropriate circulation of natural air. Look for any unnecessary or damaged openings in your house and seal them to block the way for pests. If you are planning to spend a good amount then you can go for installing the windows that have inbuilt net shutters in them. 
  4. Keep the bathrooms clean- Areas like bathrooms can become a good place for pests to breed if it is not kept clean. Ensure cleaning your bathrooms using herbal cleaners to prevent pests from breeding. Make sure that your bathrooms are clean and dry when not in use or else the stagnant water might lead to problems. For a clean bathroom always keep the drains covered and check that the drains are not clogged due to waste. A good drainage system can solve your problem of pests to a great extent. Clean the toilet seats frequently using natural cleaners that produce 100% results and cause no harm in their usage process. 
  5. Maintaining hygiene in the Kitchen– Kitchen hygiene is one of the most important aspects to consider while trying to control pests. A dirty kitchen becomes a shelter for pests. To avoid pest breeding in the kitchen, clean the stove, countertop, storage cabinets, etc. frequently. Use disinfectants to clean the corners that do not get clean daily. Do not forget to dump the food waste into garbage cans in the night as exposed food in the kitchen would rot and lead to the accumulation of mosquitoes and insects in your house. Added to that, always make sure to follow good eating manners and habits to avoid dirt and mess that attracts pests. 
  6. Keep the areas surrounding your home clean- Gardens, balconies with lots of plants, etc. are generally places where lots of mosquitoes breed. To ensure that these spaces don’t become a hotspot of pests, pest controls use eco-friendly products that kill the pests and cause zero damage to your plants. If you have a water fountain or decorative water vessels outside your home, make sure to clean them regularly to avoid pests. Maintain your plants so that they do not get too bushier and become the home of mosquitoes. 

Apart from all these measures, it is important to take precautions at an individual level to get rid of the pest. Maintaining personal hygiene and keeping your surroundings clean can help a lot to prevent pests.