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TikTok influence marketing: A complete guide to take a start:

It’s high time to tap into Tiktok for an effective marketing strategy. If we look at the stats, TikTok has the potential like no other platform. It’s not wrong saying that TikTok creators are creating new trends in the landscape of social media marketing. As per facts, 1 billion monthly active users spend around 52 minutes of their day on Tiktok. So, if you want to target generation Z and millennials, TikTok influence marketing is the best place to start. But at first, you will have to start understanding influence marketing.

TikTok influence marketing: A complete guide:

It is a social media marketing strategy mainly used to promote products and services. Companies take the help of content creators with a big fan following to promote their products and services. The main aim is to create trends and generate numbers using hashtags, challenges, dances, and makeup techniques. According to the stats, TikTok influence marketing is shining with an engagement rate of 18%. Apart from this, here are other stats that show the influence in figures:

  • There is a difference of 35% between the engagement of Instagram and TikTok.
  • Apart from this, the estimated projected growth for 2022 is $16.4 billion for the year 2022.
  • Influence marketing gives a return on investment around 11 times more than other social media platforms.

In addition, 90% of Tiktok users have the habit of opening applications daily. So, the market is vast and is estimated to reach $2.9 trillion by the end of the year 2026. However, if the marketing has so much potential, we shouldn’t ignore this chance.

Types of TikTok influence marketing:

If you want to run an effective drive on TikTok, it’s crucial to find a good influence marketer. So, before designing a campaign, it’s vital to understand different types:

Branded challenges In this drive, influencers create a branded hashtag and then make a video to introduce the challenge.
Branded dances The influencer demonstrates a new dance and encourages followers to do the same.
Product reviews The reviews aren’t detailed, but influencers show a video themselves using products and services.

Apart from this, there is another category in which they create user-generated content. For instance, influencers recreate highly viral content or jump on the bandwagon. It’s a wise, simple way to boost reach and widen your audience.

How to become a TikTok influence marketer? A comprehensive guide:

Nowadays, TikTok is becoming a mainstream way to earn money online. But if you want to be an influencer marketer, discover ways to increase followers and boost engagement.

Understand the demographics:

It is the first and foremost thing that will provide you with a strong base. However, before choosing any niche, understand whether your category goes best with TikTok. According to the stats, over 60% of TikTok users are 35 years old, and 54% are female. Apart from this, TikTok has a significant percentage of audiences which are millennials and generation Z. So, as an influencer marketing, if you are planning to create old-school long-form content, then it’s not a good idea.

Decide your niche:

After initial research, the next step is to decide the niche in which you will produce content. So, think about your interests and potential niches. Apart from this, it’s vital to find a group of people with similar interests; later, they will become your competitors. Here are the following ways that you can use to find the depth of your chosen content creation category:

Open the discover tab, and it will show you trendy hashtags.
Start searching key terms on TikTok that are related to your niche
Use tools to search trendy hashtags and topics on TikTok
Take the help of the TikTok creator marketplace analytical tool to check the engagement reach of competitors, their views

In this way, you can see popular trends that people are searching for. Once you can narrow down the topic, you are all set to create content.

Create content & track campaign goals:

The next step is to create content but don’t forget to check whether the content is performing well or not. Here are the following types of content that you can make as an influence marketer to grab attention:

Video content that is based on hashtags Create challenges Voiceovers
Dances Paid ads Live videos
Marketing ads Live videos Tutorials

The primary goals of Tiktok influence marketing campaigns are to create awareness and boost conversion. But it’s vital to track performance using tools and performance trackers. However, this way, you can take corrective actions to settle loopholes.


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