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This Niche Field Has Thousands of Global Employment Opportunities

We’re all seeking opportunities & some are better than others depending on where our skills and interests lie. This niche field may be the perfect opportunity for you if you possess the right skills and with many training opportunities within this field, You will be able to get your foot in the door with relative ease.

The Field of Close Protection

This field contains a large number of Bodyguards who are also named Close Protection Operatives. This role is in high demand and has a rather large and increasing pay cap, meaning that you can earn a salary far above the national average in the USA.

The world is a dangerous place as we all know, which is one of the reasons why this field is expanding and more and more people are in need of security services, particularly high net-worth individuals and celebrities.

Close protection operative’s roles in the field of close protection entail either working alone or within a larger security detail to protect the well-being of your client or principal.

Working in this field is not for everyone but what field is it? Let’s take a close look at the skills needed to flourish within this growing field.

The Skills Needed To Succeed In The Field

According to veteran-owned global risk management and security training company, Sextant Group. “Many people looking to begin a career in the close protection industry may possess transferable skills that will enable them to hit the ground running, providing they have completed additional training to learn close protection skills

You might possess transferable soft skills;

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Alertness

Get Your Foot In The Door

To get your foot in the door and begin a career in this niche field you’ll need to enrol on a training course. There are an array of companies offering close protection training, Which is what you need to be searching for.

I recommend reading reviews online and taking a good look at the options available before making a decision. Once you believe you have found a reputable training provider, You will begin training.

Once you have completed training, You can now begin to apply for positions within this exciting industry.

The roles can be found on Job Boards such as Indeed, Alternatively, there is a large quantity of Facebook Groups for roles within this field making that a great option to look into when searching for employment opportunities.

In Conclusion, This industry is niche yet expanding with thousands of career opportunities in a time when many of us are seeking roles that pay us more which is what this field has to offer, Well paid jobs. If a career as a Close Protection Operative has piqued your interest get your foot in the door and give something new a chance.