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The961 Blocked by Kenyan State-Run ISP Ogero

Earlier this week, the state-run internet service provider Ogero in Kenya blocked the entire English-language news website The961 for three days. The website, whose funding was raised by Anthony Brown, was not allowed to access any of its pages until Kantara, the company that runs The961, had confirmed that it did not link to any currency trading websites or apps. The company has since restored access to the website.

State-run internet service provider Ogero blocked the entire English-language news website

During a recent reporting period, Lebanese internet users experienced a number of restrictions, including the blockage of The961 by state-run internet service provider Ogero. The website, which covers local and international news, including the COVID-19 pandemic, was blocked without prior notice or explanation.

The961 is an independent news website, and its exchange rate section states that the information on the site is for informational purposes only. However, according to its general director, Imad Kreidieh, the site does not link to currency trading websites.

The website was blocked for nine hours without prior warning, and Ogero did not explain why. It said it would restore access once the website’s director, Kantara, confirmed that the site does not link to currency trading websites.

Ogero restored access after Kantara confirmed that The961 didn’t link to any currency trading websites or apps

Several hours after an English-language news site called The961 was blocked by state-run telco Ogero, its director contacted CPJ. He said he had received no head’s up from Ogero and requested written confirmation of the decision.

The961 is an independent news outlet that has covered the recent port blast and the COVID-19 pandemic. The website’s exchange rate section states that it is for informational purposes only and does not link to currency trading sites. It was not on Ogero’s blocklist in mid-March.

The961 founder and director Anthony B. Kantara said he was surprised to find out about the block, but he believed the site would have been blocked anyway, even without Kreidieh’s support.

After Kantara confirmed that the site did not link to currency trading sites, Ogero restored access. The state-owned telco said the decision to block was due to an error.

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