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The Top 5 Online Therapy Platforms of 2022 (and Beyond)

Caring for your mental health is every bit as important as addressing your physical health needs. Unfortunately, many people do not have access to in-office therapy, even as awareness of mental illness increases. In fact, in the United States, 56 percent of adults with mental illness don’t receive any treatment — in large part due to a lack of access.

Because of this, online therapy programs have been stepping up to fill the gap, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. These programs aim to provide more affordable and convenient solutions for individuals who might not be able to visit a therapist or counselor in-person.

Of course, not all online therapy platforms are created equal. With that in mind, here is a look at some of the best platforms currently available.

1. Best Overall: Calmerry

Calmerry provides a subscription-based service that gives users unlimited messaging therapy via text and audio, as well as scheduled live video sessions with licensed therapists. Messaging can be done anytime, with a guaranteed response once or twice per business day. Part of what helps Calmerry stand out is its quick client-therapist matching. Usually, it takes less than an hour between choosing a subscription plan and being matched with a best-fit professional. Calmerry offers a network of licensed therapists, who are experienced in many different fields.

 This includes depression, anxiety, relationship issues, low self-esteem, grief and trauma, LGBTQ+ issues, and more. However, Calmerry does not provide psychiatrists or medication management services.

Therapists are available in all 50 states, and Calmerry’s staff matches users to a therapist based on their specific needs, rather than relying on an algorithm. Users can also switch to a different therapist for free if they don’t like their initial match.

With multiple subscription options and welcome discounts, readily available customer support and free online mood tracking and journaling tools, Calmerry makes it easy for users to manage and track their mental health journey.

2. Best Customer Experience: BetterHelp

With over 27,000 licensed therapists, BetterHelp offers a vast, comprehensive network of mental health providers. As with Calmerry, BetterHelp’s therapist network can help users with wide variety of mental health challenges, including depression and anxiety, addiction, stress and burnout, grief and loss, relationship challenges and more. Users can access care through text, live chat, phone calls or scheduled video sessions. Individual therapy, teen therapy and couples therapy are all available.

BetterHelp’s services are not covered by insurance, though users can request financial aid when needed. Part of what helps the platform’s customer service stand out is that users can cancel their subscription at any time. Their staff can also help users switch therapists free of charge to find a good match.

3. Best for CBT: Wellnite

Wellnite is another popular online therapy platform that is available in over 40 states, with a strong emphasis on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This makes it a good choice for addressing conditions such as anxiety and depression, as well as anger management or stress management.

After a free initial consultation, Wellnite users are able to select from a directory of therapists and mental health coaches to find the provider who seems like the best fit for their needs and schedule. The HIPAA-certified providers and support team are available via calls and video therapy sessions, and same-day appointments are often available. Psychiatrists can also prescribe medication for users.

Because Wellnite primarily focuses on CBT techniques, this platform isn’t a good fit for conditions that require controlled substances as part of treatment, or for users who would do better with other forms of therapy.

4. Best Scheduling Options: Amwell

Amwell is a Telehealth platform that allows users to set up live video sessions based on their own needs and schedule. Available in all 50 states, some therapists are even available on nights or over the weekend, allowing users to get online professional support at a time that works best for them.

Each therapy session is done with a licensed therapist, and lasts for 45 minutes. Users can read the bios of available therapists to determine who they want to schedule a session with. Individual, teen and couples therapy are available through these live video sessions.

Unlike other online therapy platforms that use a subscription model, Amwell has users pay individually for each online therapy session. No free consultations are available, and video is the only communication option. However, the platform does accept a wide range of health insurance plans.

 5. Best Therapist Network: Talkspace

Talkspace is a popular subscription-based solution that gives users the option to communicate with therapists via text, audio or live video. Talkspace offers individual, teen and couples therapy, as well as psychiatry services that include medication management.

New users fill out an assessment form, after which the platform’s algorithm recommends possible therapist matches. Users are limited to choosing from these therapists, though all therapists are vetted by the platform and licensed as mental health professionals.

Talkspace’s licensed providers can assist with a wide range of issues, including depression, eating disorders, OCD, substance abuse, mood disorders, anger management and more. The platform does accept some insurance plans, and also accepts HSA and FSA card payments.

Your Mental Health Matters

Just like how the right team of doctors can help you overcome a physical injury, the right mental health provider can make all the difference in improving your mental and emotional well-being. By using a highly regarded online therapy platform that uses licensed therapists, you can start making positive strides in your mental health journey.