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The Top 10 Things To Do In York

If you plan to visit York in the United Kingdom, you have come to the right place. It’s one of the oldest towns in the country and has a great array of attractions for every individual. Here are the top 10 things to do in York.

  1. York Minster

The Anglican cathedral – York Minster – is located within the heart of the York City Center. In fact, it’s one of the largest Gothic cathedrals that exists in all of Nothern Europe. The York Minster is considered to be one of the only cathedrals in the entire world to contain so much stained glass.

The east window of the cathedral features the biggest selection of stained glass in the entire world. You shouldn’t miss paying a visit to this cathedral if you plan to visit York. There are daily tours arranged to the cathedral, and you will be able to climb the 275 steps of the tower, explore the Crypts, and handle precious artifacts on this tour.

  1. Clifford’s Tower

The Clifford’s Tower is the last standing remains of the Norman keep. In fact, the building stands on an artificial hill that’s neatly built, and when you visit the region, you can explore and learn about how the keep’s construction was done during the Norman era. On the other hand, you can easily get a spectacular 360-degree view of the entire city by getting to the top of Clifford’s Tower.

  1. Barley Hall 

If you prefer medieval buildings, Barley Hall is ideal for you. This attraction was kept hidden in plain sight with the use of modern architecture until recently. In fact, this building’s frame is crafted from timber and its rooms illustrate the wonders of medieval York.

  1. York City Center

The hidden alleyways, cobbled lanes, and crowded streets are the main attractions of York’s city center. The city center has several hotels where you can stay while enjoying the city. All the shops are bars in York are fashioned after the Tudor, Georgian, or Victorian eras. You can easily relax in the Swinegate bars or boutique hotels whenever you plan to visit the city. Be sure to look out for York deals on hotels in the center.

  1. The Shambles

The Shambles is located in York’s center and is one of the city’s finest cobbled shopping streets. The lopsided medieval buildings are some of the finest attractions in this area. The Shambles used to be the prime butcher spot in York in the past. In fact, if you visit the area while visiting the city, you will still be able to see the rusty hooks and ledges where the meat used to be displayed in the past.

  1. York’s City Walls

The City Walls is a perfect escape for you in York. In fact, York’s City Walls are considered to be one of the longest walls found in the entire country. You can visit the bars in the region when you walk through these majestic gateways. On the other hand, you can also view artifacts such as portcullis and the archers’ arrow slits that are still featured in the bars.

  1. The Yorkshire Museum

Do you want to learn about the deep Roman past? If so, the Yorkshire museum is the best place to do so. The museum has highly interactive exhibits and is quite engaging. You will also find a featured dinosaur exhibit about the Northern Jurassic coastline. On the other hand, you get to spend some quality time amongst the Roman remains in the garden of the museum or frolic in the St. Mary’s Abbey ruins.

  1. Mansion House

The Mansion House is home to the Lord Mayor of York. The House welcomes visitors to view recreations of drawing rooms, bedrooms, and drawing rooms of the mansion. For your viewing pleasure, there is also a perfectly functional kitchen in the mansion. You can get a live demonstration if you are interested in food. In fact, live demonstrations are held almost every day in this kitchen.

  1. York Castle Museum

The York Castle Museum is the perfect place for you if you want to see the rich history of the city and its people. You can meet the people that lived there when you wander into the shops, police station, or even the schoolroom. You will get a chance to learn about life in the Victorian era as well as about punishment and crimes from prisoners who lived in the cells.

  1. Jorvik Viking Center

The Viking Center provides you with a mind blowing York tour. You will learn everything from the way the Vikings lived and the hardships they experienced. You can also interact with artifacts and take part in the February festival if you tour the city during this period.

The artifacts found in the Jorvik Viking Center were actually found on site. If you want to learn more about the Vikings and their history, you should definitely come on down and enjoy a cab ride through the Viking Village.