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The Science Behind Meal Replacement Shakes: How They Can Support Your Health and Wellness Goals

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We all are living fast-paced lives. We are busy with work, school, and other personal matters that need our attention. Our busy lives sometimes make us forego healthy eating. Due to our jam-packed schedules, we tend to eat instant food. 

We eat from fast-food restaurants or have instant food such as noodles. In fact, it was revealed from the study conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics from the Center for Disease Control shows that 36.6% of American adults eat fast food every day!

This is where meal replacement shakes come in. When you are too busy to prepare a healthy meal, these shakes can be ready in just minutes and can be eaten on the go. Perfect for people with active lifestyles. This article will tackle how replacement meal shakes support our health and wellness goals.

How Do Meal Replacement Shakes Work?

In order for you to understand what meal replacement shakes are, let us first differentiate protein shakes and meal replacement shakes. People tend to get confused between but they serve different purposes. 

Meal replacement shakes are healthy alternatives to your daily meal. They come in powder form and you can mix them with fruits or milk. The primary purpose of these meal replacement shakes is to provide your body with the right nutrients while saving on calories. 

Protein shakes on the other hand, only contain protein. You use protein shakes when to build your muscles. 

What Should a Good Meal Replacement Shake Contain?

Since there are a lot of meal replacement shakes available in the market, you should take your time in choosing the right one for you. You can look at these tips in looking for the best meal replacement shakes. 

1. Look at the calories – these shakes should have at least 200-400 calories otherwise they would not be able to provide you with the nutrient you need

2. It should have enough protein and fiber – these two are vital for weight maintenance because they promote healthier gut and lean muscle mass. 

3. Watch the sugar – excess sugar can lead to negative effects on the body. This includes weight gain and low energy. 

How Can Meal Replacement Shakes Help With My Health Goals?

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Meal Replacement Shakes Help Create a Calorie Deficit

People use meal replacement shakes for a variety of reasons. One reason they use these shakes is for weight loss. You can cut your calories if you use these shakes for weight loss.

Some meal replacement shakes come in flavors such as banana or strawberry. If you think about the flavors, you might have the impression that they are high in calories. These shakes give you few calories but do not compromise your health. 

The continuous drinking of these shakes can lead to a deficit of calorie intake because they make you feel full. This sensation of being full allows you to lose weight. 

It Can Promote Weight Gain

Looking back, meal replacement shakes are marketed to support weight loss. Since times are changing and we have different goals for our bodies, these replacement shakes also adjusted to the needs of its market.  You can now use these shakes if you have the plan to gain weight.

For you to get the most out of your weight gain shakes, there are some things that you should look for. First is that they should be high in protein and low in sugar. This is because  your body needs protein to build muscle mass. 

Aside from looking for the best meal replacement shakes to gain weight, you can also spice up your shakes. If you are not a fan of just the powder, you can add fruits. For example, you can add avocados to your shakes as they contain healthy fats. You can gain weight with the help of these healthy fats.

Meal Replacement Shakes Can Make Up for the Lack of Nutrition in Your Meals

We all want to start eating healthily. The challenge is that we do not know how to start. You can start by looking at the best meal replacement shakes available. 

People have weight loss and gain as reasons for trying replacement shakes. You can also try it to shift to a healthier lifestyle. People start by consuming less fast food to make their meals more nutritious. They also learn to prepare their meals. If we admit to ourselves, we cannot add all the nutrients we need to our meals. 

Some examples of nutrients that we do not get to have every day are zinc, magnesium, vitamin b12, and iron. The way we can get to have all the nutrients we need is by adding these shakes to our diet. Meal replacement shakes gives you the chance to have the nutrient you need instantly. You just need to dissolve the powder and you’re good to go. 

They Provide You With Sufficient Protein and Fiber

Fiber and protein have a lot of benefits for your body. Meal replacement shakes can help incorporate these nutrients into your body. 

Some of the benefits of protein to you are the following:

  • Boost metabolism 
  • Lower blood pressure
  • And maintain weight loss

Fiber can be good for your body because:

  • It promotes blood sugar control 
  • Helps improve digestion
  • Improves gut health 

Taking Everything Into Account

We all want to be healthy. It may be challenging at first because we do not know how to start. Since we are living fast-paced lives, we need meals that are on the go but would still provide us with the nutrients we need. 

Meal replacement shakes are a great way to supply our bodies with nutrients. It requires little effort on our behalf. You just need to mix the powder. It is an on-the-go drink. 

Due to our responsibilities, we sometimes oversee what nutrients we get from our meals. We should not forego our health with instant meals. 

With the right attitude to shift to a healthier lifestyle and support from the people around us, we can achieve our health goals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Meal Replacement Shakes?

Meal replacement shakes are shakes that you can drink in place of your meals. They provide most of the nutrients that your body needs to meet your goals.

Can I Lose Weight With These Shakes?

Meal replacement shakes can cause calorie deficit. When you take shakes that do not have high calories for a certain period, your body can lose weight.

What Health Benefits Can I Grain From Drinking Meal Replacement Shakes?

These shakes are rich in macronutrients. It is especially rich in protein and fiber. Protein and fiber have a lot of health benefits such as boosting metabolism, lowering blood sugar, and improvement of gut health.