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Umberto Vitale is a 37-year-old businessman and musician from Pavia, Italy. After years of working in the business and financial sectors, Umberto decided to pursue his passion for music by creating The Rock Academy. This Instagram project has gained over 60,000 followers and counting, with many celebrities following along with Umberto’s journey.

In addition, he is a musician too (I am a drummer). He always plays in a rock band, and he listens and watches all the concerts of the greatest international artists when they come to Italy. Rock music is one of the things he is most passionate about in life.

Umberto has worked tirelessly to make sure The Rock Academy is a place where people can find the latest and greatest music from around the world. He has scoured the Internet to compile an extensive collection of high-quality videos, interviews, and audio recordings for visitors to enjoy.

Umberto Vitale started THE ROCK ACADEMY because he wanted to give back to the rock music community. He wanted to give people a place where they could find videos, songs, and other content related to rock music and have a fun, engaging experience.

Umberto’s next big move is to create an even bigger community of rock lovers through his YouTube channel, where he will be showcasing and explaining the life,history, stories and songs of some of the world’s greatest rock bands and artists. He says that Rock Stars are an inspiration for many people today and there’s a lot that we can learn from them.

Umberto Vitale is excited to continue his journey with the Rock Academy page and to see where it takes him. He believes that music should be celebrated by all and hopes that the page will help connect people from all walks of life.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therock_academy

Youtube: https://youtube.com/@therock_academy

Personal Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/umbe_drums