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The Road Ahead: 3 Travel Trends That Will Define 2023

After a trying couple of years, the travel industry is bouncing back in a big way. Not only are people travelling again, but they’re travelling in such high volume that airports and airlines can barely keep up with demand. Compared to where the industry was this time two years ago, it’s a happy problem to have.

Consequently, this surge in travel is spurring some secondary trends – new travel philosophies, concepts, priorities and popular destinations. In this article, let’s delve into the road ahead. No one here owns a crystal ball (still waiting for it in the main), but you can bet on seeing these developments in 2023.

An Eye on the Environment – Flight-Light Travel

It’s only natural for people to transfer their morals and priorities onto travel. Most tourists (save for a few rowdy participants) want to act sustainably, responsibly and non-invasively when they see new parts of the world. Case in point: the “flight-light travel” trend.

Eco-consciousness and sustainability will be on many people’s minds in 2023 as environmental concerns reach a fever pitch. While it’s impossible to facilitate completely sustainable travel, you can take a “flex” approach to the issue. Flight-light travel involves taking one airplane to your destination region, then supplementing your transport with train rides and bus travel. For instance, a flight-light traveller in Europe might fly into Frankfurt. Then, instead of hopping a Ryan Air flight – to Spain, then France, then back to Germany – they will use the continent’s robust train network to get around.

Comfort Over Austerity – the Rise of Comfort Travel

Travel has always been in conversation with social trends and real-world events. As the pandemic began waning and people started travelling again, they naturally carried their newfound penchant for comfort and coziness (born out of remote work and self-isolation) when they travelled.

Expect to see a “comfort travel” boom in 2023. Instead of the self-denial of shoe-string backpacking, you’ll likely see more people splash out on all-inclusive and luxury accommodations. You’ll also see a rise in comfortable travel clothing, like these extraordinary merino wool t shirts from Unbound Merino, which are soft, breathable, insulating and durable.

Lisness and Bleisure – The Intersection of Remote Work and Travel

“Lisness” and “Bleisure” might sound like nonsense words, but, in fact, they represent a buzzy new way to blend remote work with fun travel. Each is a portmanteau of “business” and “leisure.” Lisness is a trip where you tack some business onto your leisure travel (to avoid taking too many days off); meanwhile, bleisure is a predetermined business trip where you tack on a few fun days at the end.

The blurred lines between work and travel could only be possible in 2023 as more people work remote jobs with flexible online hours.

To recap, the post-pandemic world is all about comfort, sustainability and work-life balance. Next time you see a remote worker on the train to Paris, drinking a Mai Tai in their finest merino wool clothing – you’ll understand why! Watch for these travel trends in the coming year.