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The Pros And Cons Of Popular Job Sites

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Getting your foot in the door at your desired company is now easier than ever thanks to online job boards. There is no shortage of online job boards promising to help you obtain an interview and a position, but choosing among them may be a bit of a challenge.

To save you time, we compiled a list of the best general job search websites and their benefits and drawbacks.  Check out employment for job seekers in Delaware County, PA to find out job opportunities in Pennsylvania.

1.  LinkedIn


  • As the most popular social networking site for professionals, recruiters, and HR departments all look at LinkedIn first.
  • Recruiters go all their way and post job openings here, so you know they mean business.
  • Connect with other professionals in your field and be notified about job possibilities using InMail, a messaging function on LinkedIn.
  • Going through a company’s LinkedIn page might provide important information about the company and its culture.
  • You can find out other experts in your field and relevant job postings under the ‘jobs’ tab of a ‘Group’, so it’s a good idea to join many of them.


  • Given that there are 690 million+ professionals on LinkedIn, the competition for desirable jobs is fierce.
  • You may apply to jobs as a “Top Applicant” to make yourself stand out from the crowd. On the negative, the Premium Member monthly price is somewhat high.

2.  Indeed


  • Out of all the websites, it has the most job advertisements. It is a “general job searching site” that caters to seasonal workers, contract workers, high school students, and fresh college graduates.
  • Indeed aggregates job listings from hundreds of other sites, saving users the trouble of searching for the same information across dozens of other websites.


  • As a result of the large number of sites that submit jobs to Indeed, you may frequently be redirected to a different website.

3.  Craiglist


  • Because it is different from other job boards, Craigslist offers job postings that are not available on any other job boards.
  • These jobs are almost always local, and they are great for anyone looking for freelancing, part-time, or entry-level work.


  • Craigslist’s job listings are generally unreliable, which is its major drawback.
  • Due to Craigslist’s lack of regulation, you may also be on the lookout for scammers.
  • The user interface of Craiglist is not so appealing to the users, especially the layout.

4.  Monster


  • Monster’s search tools and knowledge base are among the most sophisticated available.
  • You may choose which employers have access to your resume by using this site. People who are already employed but looking for a new job may do so without fear of their present employer discovering their application documents.


  • Spam and redundant content are Monster’s main downfalls in terms of growth and popularity. Businesses will want to leverage this exposure as they are aware of Monster’s big following. Unfortunately, this frequently degrades the user experience and irritates site visitors.

To locate a job, it’s important to broaden your search rather than narrow it. Too frequently, job seekers make the error of concentrating on a specific strategy, missing out on other possibilities out there.

Make sure you are networking with personal contacts, contacting high-ranking officials inside companies you want to work for, and taking all the opportunities available to you that can land you your dream job.