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The problems that come up between football clubs and their fans

A lot of people enjoy football as a sport or even as a job. But for some, football is almost like a religion. With their chants, songs, and sometimes flags and signs, football fans make every game more fun. Many times, fierce fans are ready to protect their team’s honor with their hands, which can cause problems and fights.

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The most important fan groups

Almost every football team has fans, but some groups have grown to a higher level in terms of both numbers and power.


In terms of the proportion of full venues, Borussia Dortmund’s home field is always one of the best in Europe. Signal Iduna Park always has a variety of sound and light shows put on to support the team.

A lot of people don’t think that Borussia fans are mean. They do more than most fan groups when it comes to the size of their activities. The average number of people who watch a football game at Borussia is now the highest in Europe. Season tickets for Bumblebee games alone sell about 45,000 copies every year. Dortmund supporters are friends with Liverpool supporters, and they sing the song “You’ll Never Walk Alone” like the Liverpool supporters.

Crvena Zvezda

Fans of the Serbian “Crvena Zvezda” club are bigger than fan groups of many top teams, even though the club hasn’t had much success on the world stage lately.

For Zvezda fans, the “Delije” company is the most important because it backs the team in all sports. “Delije” sometimes starts fights, and the group is so violent that even the local police are afraid of it. This means that a lot of police are at Red Star games. “Delije” rivals with “Partizan” fan firms, which often leads to fights and pogroms.

This kind of action by fans also hurts the team’s brand. It’s not a surprise that the grounds are full of regular people when this team plays. Not many people want to be in the middle of two angry groups.


The Karaiskakis Stadium has signs that say “Welcome to the Red Hell” that are up during Olympiacos’ home games against their main enemies, Panathinaikos. This is what Olympiacos fans call the things they do to scare away other fans. Gate 7 is the biggest group of Piraeus fans. They have offices in Piraeus, Athens, and other places in Greece.

Gate 7 doesn’t say what party it supports, but a lot of its members are on the right. People from the company were seen planning protests and waving Nazi flags.

What fans mean for the team and club

Fans have an impact on the club and the team not just during games, but also outside of them. Their emotional support and inspiration help players get through tough times and do well. Fans are also a big way for teams to make money through marketing deals, ticket sales, and fan gear.

Issues in football culture

Violence and fights between fan groups are some of the issues that football society has to deal with. Racism, discrimination, and prejudice at football games are also important problems that need to be dealt with.

And rules and safety

Governments and groups work hard to make sure arenas are safe. More protection, unity between fan groups, and the use of modern technology are some ways to stop violence and the spread of hate at football games.


Fans have always been an important part of football culture. They make the game fun and cheer for their teams. But dealing with problems like violence and racism is an important part of building sports culture. Often, bad things happen at football games that hurt the teams, like getting fined or having the game stopped.