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The Parcel Tracking Service Ordertracker Turns Toward E Commerce with the Mission to Improve Customer’s Journey and Help with Upsales

Sofia, Bulgaria, March 15, 2023, Ordertracker Turns Toward E Commerce with the Mission to Improve Customer’s Journey and Help with Upsales. A complete package tracking platform, adopted by Millions of individuals but also a must have feature for businesses. Whether people around the world are simply looking to get the tracking information of a parcel or they run their own eCommerce store, this international parcel tracking platform has a lot of opportunities to offer! It can track a parcel from any country of origin and destination in no time by simply reading its tracking number and extracting all the information from it. Moreover, artificial intelligence detects and combines data from every single courier in charge of the delivery but also forecasts the delivery date. An international package passes on average through the hands of 3 different couriers before arriving at its destination and the tracking website provides each and every step.

During the past few years, Ordertracker was mainly oriented toward final users, with the mission to provide them with the most detailed and accurate information for their expected deliveries combining rich information displayed data with Artificial intelligence in order to not only provide live-tracking but also predictions of the delivery dates. As existing tracking services were lacking in the amount of information and accuracy that they provide. After 2 years, and with over 800 Millions of packages tracked, the tracking website decided to turn toward e-commerce, with a white labeled solution, as it observed that its Millions of users were mainly coming from E-commerce stores. By providing stores with a tracking page, Ordertracker aims to solve the problem directly at its source, providing the direct answer to the most asked questions in E-commerce “Where Is My Order ?” directly in the seller’s store.

Based on the studies it conducted, Ordertracker believes that a tracking page would solve over 60% of overall tickets that E-commerces are now treating, but also keep this traffic within the seller’s website. With a parcel being tracked on average 2.7 times, this would not only improve the customer’s journey by providing a feature considered as crucial for 88% of e-consumers, but also provide the stores with additional upsell opportunities.

The tracking tool provides live-tracking information for any international and national courier, such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL,China Post, Speedpak, 4PX Express, Amazon Logistics TBA, EMS ePacket, Dynamex, Aliexpress – Standard Shipping, Intelcom Express, Evri, Yanwen, Canpar, Yun Express, Pitney Bowes Inc – PBI, BNI – BNICA and many more!
Ordertracker allows users to track a package from over 200 different countries covered by over 1200 couriers.

Ordertracker’s shift towards e-commerce is a strategic move that aims to enhance the customer journey and generate more revenue by facilitating upsales. With the rise of online shopping, customers have come to expect real-time updates on their orders, and the ability to track their parcels from start to finish. The ecommerce tracking solution will allow users to monitor their purchases, directly on the website they purchased from.

By integrating their parcel tracking service with e-commerce platforms, Ordertracker can provide customers with a seamless shopping experience. Customers will not only be able to track their parcels, but also manage returns and exchanges and receive personalized recommendations based on their purchase history. This level of integration can help build trust and improve customer retention, leading to increased revenue for the online store.
The tracking solution will also allow E-commerce stores selling in multiple countries to optimize their delivery delays, by reporting on the fastest routes and suggesting the fastest courier services for each region.

Overall, Ordertracker’s shift towards e-commerce is a strategic move that can help the company improve the customer journey and increase revenue. By providing customers with a seamless shopping experience and focusing on upselling, Ordertracker can build strong customer relationships and position itself as a leader in the e-commerce industry.

Besides that, this tracking platform helps the customers to save time, with their algorithm automatically detecting the courier that took charge of the parcel – but at the same time, this does not prevent users from manually choosing the courier they want to get information from – information that they currently don’t get for most.

In addition to tracking packages on the website, users can also enable email notifications to stay informed about the progress of their order, as well as the location of the package each time it is updated. Moreover, clients can create a custom tracking page with their logo and brand identity without coding by installing Ordertracker for Shopify. If they do not use Shopify, they can also use the widget to add a tracking Iframe to any website. Lastly, but importantly, users can track their packages even faster by downloading the mobile app and receiving push notifications each time the order’s progress or their package’s location changes.

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