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The only solution you need to download IG videos

Do you often scroll through Instagram videos and want to download them to your device but can’t? The reason is because Instagram does not provide a video download feature for users, which is also a pretty big limitation of Instagram. But now, that problem can be easily solved when there are quite a few online tools available for Instagram video download. Users will wonder if it has any technical difficulties or problems related to Instagram.. So in this post, we will discuss how to use Instagram downloaders in the easiest way possible.

Saving Instagram videos on mobile

1. Screen recording

When unable to download Instagram videos to their phones, people often resort to using the screen recording feature. This feature is built into iOS devices, but on some Android devices, users may need to download a separate recording app. Although this may seem like a simple solution, there are several disadvantages to screen recording. One major disadvantage is the amount of time it takes. After finishing watching a video, users must re-open the video to start recording from the beginning. This is a relatively fast process for short 15-second videos, but it becomes much more time-consuming for longer videos of one or two minutes. Consequently, many users opt out of screen recording to save videos to their devices.

2. Instagram online downloader

Instagram online downloader is basically a web-based tool that allows users to download videos from Instagram to their devices. These tools can be accessed through a web browser, and they only require users to enter the URL of the Instagram video that they want to download. Usually, these tools are very easy to use, without the need for technical knowledge. But some of the tools will be a bit difficult to use, and they might require you to register. So be careful, because some of the downloaders will have viruses or are not trustworthy to use. What we highly recommend to you is Savegram, one of the greatest Instagram downloaders with a high reputation. All you have to do is:

Copy the link of the video, then access https://savegram.info/, paste the link into the search bar of savegram.info, click download, and wait for your Instagram video download process to complete.

Instagram video download on PC

Just like the steps to do on the phone, what you need to do is go to savegram.info and follow the steps we have instructed above. By using an online downloader, you can easily download Instagram videos to your device without having to download third-party software.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that downloading videos from Instagram may violate the privacy of the video’s owner, and you should always obtain proper permission or ensure that you have the necessary rights to use any downloaded the video. Because when you violate the owner’s privacy, there will be a lot of problems. So please make sure that you only download videos for personal use and not for commercial purposes.


Finally, web solutions like savegram.info will make it easier for all users to download Instagram videos. There is no requirement for any personal information or technological knowledge. However, to ensure that the downloaders you select are not from a malicious website, please be cautious in your selection. Please contact us at any time if you have any questions!