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The Neuroscience Summit of 2022 Impacted Lives in Seventeen Countries

Today the highly-anticipated Neuroscience Summit of 2022 brought to you by Top Talent Agency and the Los Angeles Tribune concluded with a total tally of 17 countries from around the world that were registered as live locations of active participants for the global virtual event. The event featured some of the top experts in the field of Neuroscience and mind philosophy including Oprah Winfrey Book Club authors Mark Waldman and Andy Newberg as well as Michael Beckwith the globally renowned expert in mind science and leader of the Agape Church community of Los Angeles.  The event was sponsored by NuCalm and CEO Jim Poole who is leading the way with the Tony Robbins-endorsed app.  Other notable speakers included Co-Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad Sharon Lechter, New York Times Bestselling author Joe Vitale and internationally known thought leaders John Demartini, Joy Willet and Mas Sajady who helped inspire, uplift, and transform people’s lives around the globe.

The event reached tens of thousands of people who spent four days deep diving with the globe’s top leaders on specific neuro and science-related subject matters to enhance the quality of their lives and businesses. When asked to make a comment regarding the conclusion of the event Moe Rock the CEO of the Los Angeles Tribune stated “This was an incredible testament to the mind of thought leader David Fagan and Top Talent Agency that had the idea to give this gift to the world. I want to thank all of the participants from the seventeen countries that participated and I hope they will take the wisdom and transformation from this event and apply it to their communities so we can work together to make the world a better place. The event could not have happened without the tireless work of David Fagan, Isabel Fagan, Carissa Johnsen, Ava Manuel, Julia Payan, Saji Gunawardane, Richard Kaye and Meraz Ahmed. We will continue to do work that redefines what it means to be a news and media company. ”

The event focused on tackling the following principles for the participants:

1. Improve your memory

2. Accelerate the learning process

3. Become self-taught in any field

4. Overcome old stories that are obsolete

5. Grow your emotional intelligence

6. Rest and restore yourself to full power

7. Leverage cutting edge technology

8. Build a better decision-making matrix

9. Use more of what your brain was built for

10. Access your superhuman abilities

11. Tap into the limitless human

12. Get out of a state of overwhelm

13.Break free from negative thought loops

The Executive Producers of the event were David Fagan, Isabel Fagan and Moe Rock. Associate Producers were Carissa Johnsen and Ava Manuel.