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The Most Privileged Honours Received by Stefano Cilio, The Diamond Producer

Stefano Cilio, a writer, radio host, and foremost music producer born in 1980, had two years filled with accomplishments, he has recently received numerous gold and platinum records but the latest is made of diamonds.

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry in fact has named Italian music producer Stefano Cilio a “Diamond Producer.”

According to recent reports, the renowned Italian producer has been recognized by the IFPI as a “Diamond Producer” for exceeding ten platinum records in his career.

Many people have listened to Stefano Cilio’s songs in recent years, including “Glance”, “Breathless”, “Tonight” and “Queen.” They have all received gold or platinum records in different IFPI markets, with South Africa and Austria coming out on top.

Great news for an artist who just topped the album charts on Apple Music and Shazam, as well as Spotify’s singles charts: his debut album “Golden” actually topped the electronic Italian chart on Apple Music.

His song “Breathless” received five platinum records, “Glance” four platinum records and a gold record, “Tonight” two platinum records and a gold record, “Queen” one gold record, and his album “Golden” one gold record, for a total of eleven platinum and four gold records.

His debut single, “Glance” was also certified in Austria, a country where italian artists are seldom decorated, featuring a gifted singer who can turn words into beautiful lyrics. It is a pop-dance love ballad. His most well-known song worldwide received 1 million streams in the first month of release and has since surpassed 5 million.

Since then the Milanese artist has received many other awards worldwide. Recently the gold disc in South Africa got awarded for the sale of more than 15,000 copies of the album “Golden”; the South African association RISA (Recording Industry of South Africa) announced the crossing of the threshold on its website, making Cilio the first Italian to ever receive this prestigious honor.

Before that, “Breathless” obtained the platinum disc in Hungary, awarded by the Mahasz organization (affiliate of the international federation IFPI), for having exceeded 1.000.000 premium plays in the Hungarian nation.

He hit the milestone of 30 million plays across all streaming platforms when adding all his songs, making him one of the most famous Italian artists currently performing abroad. Cilio maintains the pop-dance vibe in his most recent tracks, “Love” and “Leave,” which helped make him more popular everywhere in the previous two years.

It is a tremendous honor for the Italian producer and radio host on national network Radio Cusano Campus to receive those international distinctions in countries that are quite dynamic musically and particularly demanding with regard to foreign performances, talking about South Africa (intercontinental awards) and Austria or Hungary (continental awards).

The single “Tonight,” which adheres more to the etiquette in dance music, has since broken another record. After spending a considerable part of the time at the top of the Romanian Spotify chart, the song has managed to overtake such revered icons as Adele, Lil Nas X, and Travis Scott to claim the top spot on many organic playlists of the largest music service.

It’s curious that the extended version of “Tonight” also joined the Romanian Spotify chart at the exact moment, peaking at number 11, a few streams below the top ten. As a result of this accomplishment, the song spent two weeks on the “Hot Hits” playlist, which gets the most popular on the platform.