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The highest performing ASX stocks in 2022

If you’ve been following the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in the last few months, it’s likely that you’ll have seen that some stocks are performing well lately. That’s par for the course when it comes to investment, of course: not every stock can win out, and there’s a finite amount of investor energy and capital out there, and too many firms to chase it. This blog post will explore which stocks are currently performing best, and which ones investors ought to keep an eye on.

New Hope Corporation Ltd

If you look at Australian broker reviews on a finance knowledge site such as The Bull, you’ll find a lot of talk about ensuring that the broker you choose for trading lists derivatives from a number of global stock exchanges. This should always include the ASX, not least of all because it contains top stocks such as New Hope Corporation Ltd.

This company has a lot going for it, and often finds itself at the top of the lists of top stocks. This fossil fuels firm has a market capitalization of 3.721bn AUD, for example, which is already stunning. However, its year-to-date performance of 199.31% is what really sets it apart and is likely to be what keeps it in the headlines.

Charter Hall

Charter Hall is another example of a top ASX stock. This firm, which is involved in property management, is fully integrated. This means that it has enough expertise to deploy and manage a range of properties across the country. In terms of the fundamentals, its year-to-date performance is a little down, but its 5-year performance is strong at 128.49%.

It’s up to you

However, it’s essential to remember that not all investment profiles are created equally. In some cases, choosing the top-performing stock won’t necessarily work for you. Some stocks might seem like they’re a win-win choice but, for you, they might not work. Some high-performing ASX stocks, for example, don’t necessarily have the likelihood of short-term stability on their side, so if you’re in the market for day trading, for instance, then going for a stock that will only grow over the long-term is likely to be better. In short, it’s better to always stick to your own research and risk profile to determine which stocks are likely to work for your own investment goals.

Ultimately, it’s clear that there are a lot of stocks on the Australian Stock Exchange which you can – and ought to – check out. Whether it’s the New Hope Corporation Ltd, Charter Hall or something else, there’s something for every risk profile and portfolio. Remember, though, that just because there are some headline-performing stocks, they aren’t necessarily right for you and your needs; make sure that you consider them in the wider context before making a decision.

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