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The Grout Guy and Zero2Hero Combats Mental Health

Leading grout and tiling company vows to raise $50,000 for youth mental health.

The Grout Guy, Australia’s leading provider of grout and tile restoration services, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with zero2hero, a non-profit organisation dedicated to raising mental health awareness in young people.

This collaboration is rooted in a shared commitment to community engagement and social responsibility. It sees The Grout Guy actively contribute to the promotion of mental health education and prevention strategies, equipping Australia’s youth with necessary life skills.

“The Grout Guy takes immense pride in being more than just a business. We believe in nurturing the community we operate in and consider it our responsibility to contribute positively,” said Brad Young, The Grout Guy CEO. “Partnering with zero2hero, a commendable institution doing incredibly impactful work, aligns perfectly with our values and social commitment.”

Zero2hero is a Western Australian charity organisation committed to suicide prevention in young people by increasing mental health awareness and education. It provides opportunities for young people to speak about their feelings, teach others to do the same, and equip them with the skills they need to lead mentally healthy lives.

This partnership will see The Grout Guy join forces with zero2hero in a variety of initiatives aimed at combating the mental health problems facing Australia’s youth. These initiatives will include mental health awareness campaigns, community events, and fundraising activities. Read more here.

Together, The Grout Guy and zero2hero aim to change lives, communities, and ultimately, society, by ensuring that young people receive the mental health support they need.

For over 10 years, The Grout Guy has been providing high-quality grouting and restoration services across Australia. As well as providing industry-leading service, The Grout Guy is also dedicated to giving back to the community and making meaningful contributions to social causes.

Zero2hero is a non-profit charity doing critical work in increasing mental health awareness among young people. Through unique programs and events, it helps cultivate an understanding of mental health issues and provides young people with the tools to manage their own mental health effectively.

At time of writing, the initiative has raised close to AU$5000. Make your contribution to support the mental health of our youth by donating here.

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