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The great U Mumba kabaddi team

U Mumba is one of the most important teams in the Indian kabaddi landscape. Right now you can enjoy some fantastic online betting sites in India, which are provided to you by no other platform than 1xBet.

The team is based in the Indian city of Mumbai. Also, it entered the Pro Kabaddi League in its 1st season, which took place in 2014. In fact, during that very 1st season, they showed some interesting performances. In fact, they led the competition for the majority of the period while it lasted. Unfortunately for them, things came crashing down in the final, as they lost to the Jaipur Pink Panthers.

But U Mumba wanted to lick their wounds and try again. With a reinforced squad, they began the 2015 Pro Kabaddi League season, which was the 2nd overall of this instance. Of course, the online betting sites 1xBet India are places in which you can wager on everything that happens in this competition too.

During the 2015 season U Mumba was simply unstoppable. In fact, they easily claimed their 1st PKL title ever. It came after an extraordinary final where they defeated the Bengaluru Bulls. From that point on, things would work quite well for the team. There were 2 seasons played in 2016, and in the 1st of them, U Mumba reached the final, but were defeated by the Patna Pirates.

Things would become a bit more difficult for the team. In mid-2016, after the end of the 1st season of that year, many top players of U Mumba left the squad. The remaining players were unable to keep up with the level and the demands of the competition. For this reason, they failed to finish in the top 4 of the PKL, which, in turn, meant that they failed to qualify for the play-off stage.

Things wouldn’t improve too much for the only season played in 2017. This time, once again, U Mumba also failed to reach the play-off phase of the competition.

Rebuilding hopes

It was prior to the 2018 season that U Mumba underwent a huge overhaul with new and talented signings. For this reason, you can now visit https://india.1xbet.com/line/kabaddi/1819057-pro-kabaddi-league to wager on all U Mumba’s matches.

The overhaul worked quite great, as they managed to finish in the top 4 in the 1st phase of the tournament and thus, qualified for the playoffs. While they were eliminated in the semi-finals in 2018, this was quite a progress when compared to the disappointing seasons that the team had the 2 previous years.

From 2019 onwards, the team’s fortunes were quite varied, full of ups and downs. On one hand, they reached the play-offs one more time in 2019. However, during the 2020s, the team has failed to qualify for the playoff stage after a streak of disappointing performances. Yet, there is still hope among fans and everybody else who has a connection with the club that, as they have done before, they will be able to bounce back one more time.

Yet, it is still worth noting that U Mumba is an entertaining squad for plenty of reasons, with one of them being the derbies where they participate. In this regard, their 3 top rivals are:

  • the Patna Pirates;
  • the Jaipur Pink Panthers;
  • and Puneri Paltan.

In fact, it has been against Puneri Paltan that U Mumba has suffered their heaviest defeat yet. It happened on the 26th of June 2016. In that game, U Mumba lost a match 41-19. However, they have managed to bounce back from those difficult circumstances.

By the way, whenever matches are played between those teams, you can certainly expect some top-class kabaddi. Speaking about top-class, some extraordinary kabaddi wagers can be found at 1xBet, which are quite rewarding in this and many other sports too.

Finally, we can also dedicate a few words to the home venue of the team. Since its creation, all home matches of U Mumba have been played at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Indoor Stadium. It has a capacity of 5 thousand spectators. Needless to say, considering how loyal U Mumba’s fans are, it is not really surprising to know that this venue is packed to capacity most of the time.