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The Complete Guide to Becoming a Habit Coach

Being a fitness coach means that you help people develop healthy habits to live healthy lives. These can range from following a workout regime to having a healthy diet plan. However, apart from these changes, if you help people make other small changes in their lifestyle which in turn bring massive changes in their lives in the long run, then you can act as a habit coach too.

Being a habit coach, you need to have knowledge regarding your client’s schedule and look into things that otherwise seem insignificant but play a vital role in creating the big picture. Therefore, you help your client change for the better and work with them in improving their lifestyle.

You might think that people can change their habits on their own too, so how can you as a habit coach be helpful? Let me walk you through a complete guide on habit coaching to help you understand it in a better way. So, let’s get started.

Habit Coaching Defined

As the name suggests, habit coach helps their clients in bringing positive lifestyle changes. These can range from dietary changes to fitness schedules and many more. The best thing about habit coaching is that it helps clients being long-term changes in their lifestyles.

It starts with focusing on minor changes in the client’s lifestyle. Once those are accomplished, the habit coach will move towards the big life changes which ultimately lead to a better lifestyle. To track the daily routine of a client and to make sure that they follow the changes in habit, habit coaches make use of habit-tracking apps too. One such trusted application is Mevo Life. It not only helps coaches stay in contact with the client but also helps them manage several clients at once.

Another common technique that a habit coach can use is replacement habits. By the use of this habit, the client’s time is filled with better habits.

What Is The Difference Between Habit Coaching And Other Coaching?

All types of coaching require in-person sessions and meetings with the clients. On the contrary, habit coaching is quite different. It does not require daily meetings with the client. Instead, all communication can be done online via text messages too. The basic purpose of habit coaching is to keep a record of the daily habits of your client and this can be done over texts too. Therefore, there is no problem in syncing the client’s and trainer’s schedules.

A habit coach can put all the force into developing a client’s habits, but the goal will not be reached until the client themselves put work into it. For instance, if a coach gives a certain set of habits to clients to follow but the client skips them, then the coach cannot do anything to bring about the change.

Therefore, coaches tend to work on bringing small changes first. For example, they can ask their client to have a bath first and then check their phone. It sounds like a small change but in the long run, it does bring about good changes. Later the coach can move on to large changes such as a diet plan or a workout regime.

Moreover, as a habit coach, it is good that you ask your client to keep a journal. This way they can note for themselves the changes in their life. Lastly, accountability is the key to making sure that your client follows the schedule.

In doing all this, the coach needs to prioritize their client’s values and nature and deal with them accordingly. Lastly, force can never work in developing a client’s habits, therefore, coaches should use acknowledgments and other such techniques to get the client to follow the habits.

Tips To Becoming A Habit Coach

Habit coaching is not very hard. You need to keep in view clients’ goals and values and concoct the best plan to help them develop positive habits. Moreover, we have listed a few steps that you can follow to ace habit coaching. Let’s get to those!

  • Work out the habits that you can coach best. This will determine your expertise in habit coaching.
  • Enroll yourself in a habit coaching course. This will help you establish your credentials as officially and legally a habit coach.
  • Look for an application that you can use to track client progress.
  • Work with a training center as a habit coach for some experience and building a client base.

Benefits Of Habit Coaching

Habit coaching is simply helping a client develop good habits over time. But what other benefits does it serve? Let’s find out!

  • Bring about positive changes in a client’s lifestyle.
  • There is no need for in-person sessions and hence the clients do not need to squeeze meetings with habit coaches into their schedule.
  • Small wins help clients develop a positive mindset toward life.

Final Verdict

If you are thinking about bringing positive changes in your lifestyle, it is high time that you take the services of a habit coach. They work as catalysts in helping you reach your habit goals and improve for the better over the years.

On the other hand, if you are a habit coach, then it is good to develop your own set of techniques and tailor them as per the client’s needs. This way you will be able to develop a trusted client base.