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The Best Rug Brands that are Worth Buying: Understanding the Benefits

The rugs market is growing. By 2030, it is expected to reach 120 billion.

Rugs are must-have additions in most houses in the world. People use rugs for their benefits: from protecting your floor from damage to reducing noise, bringing comfort, boosting visual aesthetics, etc.

Rugs come in different designs, colours, and sizes, and sometimes it is complicated to find the ideal fit for you. One of the important decisions when buying rugs is to find out where to buy them to avoid low-quality options. Look at rugs as an investment: high-quality material and proper care can help you use them for a long time.

You might wonder which rug brands are the best among all the brands and options. We have chosen some well-known options that will offer you a wide selection.

1.  Adore Rugs and Carpeting

What is the majority of people searching for rugs? There are several points: high quality, affordability, design, value, and more. That’s what Adore rugs offer. Its outstanding selection comes with a wide range of solutions for modern, traditional, shaggy options, designer and boho rugs, and many more. Adore Rugs ensures the delivery of maximum comfort and enjoyment. These rugs deliver the comfort that everyone deserves. One of the best benefits of shopping at this store is that you will get a customised approach and solution as well as exclusive deals.

2.  Pierre Cardin Rugs

Have a look at Pierre Cardin Rugs of Australia: once you have them at home, you will see the aesthetic changes of this high-quality selection. These rugs are known for their elegant design, and they will provide convenience as well as competent home decor. Once you combine one with another colour rug from the Pierre Cardin selection, you will feel a nice improvement in your interior design. Pierre Cardin rugs come in different collections: from Cosmos to Lagoon, Sateen, Lux Shag, etc. Buying any of these rugs will bring mood and aesthetics.

3.  Safavieh

Safavieh is another well-known company for its unique selection of rugs. If you are after quality, these rugs are an ideal fit for you. This outstanding selection involves the design and practical solutions. You can get the best of your rugs, as they are a combination of quality, craftsmanship, and style and deliver the users the best experience. In Safavieh’s selection, you will find many options for any corner of the house, which will provide an exceptional experience and the best experience.

4.  Tufenkian Carpets

Outstandingly welcoming hand-made Tufenkian rugs are well known for their quality, and diversity. You can find various styles: from Persian to Tibetan, Oriental, and many others. Have these rugs in any place in your room, and you will feel the difference in how these rugs make a change. The inspiring designs of these selections made from the finest materials will become your long-term solution. Tufenkian offers an option for everyone’s choice. Its collections include vivid colours, some lighter options, sophisticated modern designs, and more.

5.  Christopher Guy

Christopher Guy’s timelessly elegant designs for rugs encompass quality, creativity, and innovation. Explore a unique selection of rugs from this brand, and you will see that the options vary from simple to more abstract, floral, geometric, and other outstanding patterns, which will amazingly fill in any space with mood and convenience. This selection of rugs is made from all-natural materials and is based on 40 years of experience. The best quality options are available at the best prices that will deliver the best value to the users.

6.  IKEA Stockholm

IKEA Stockholm’s best selection of rugs is designed to create a unique definition in your space. Each model of these rugs will become an essential part of your home and deliver amazing value to each space: from round to square, fluffy, and other options that will bring extra value to your space.


Are rugs must-have items at home? It depends on the choice and preferences. However, rugs offer different practical and ethical benefits that everyone needs at home. To enjoy the best benefits of rugs, you should find the one that greatest suits your needs and preferences. When shopping for a trusted rug store, you will get great ideas and guides for the best shopping experience.