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The best guidelines to be followed for liposuction surgery

Liposuction surgery includes the removal of excessive fats from the body areas that fail to shed off despite diet management and physical exercises.  Generally, liposuction surgery is performed in the areas of abdomen, neck, arms, thighs, calves, hips, etc. Liposuction surgery is performed by expert surgeons with the help of cannulas. 

For undergoing liposuction surgery, it is necessary that you have good health as it shall help you to heal faster and gain good results. 

Guidelines for liposuction surgery

Some instructions are to be followed to obtain the best result from the surgery. Some of these instructions are as follows: –

  • Instructions to be followed 2 months prior to the liposuction surgery:
    • Quit smoking on the consumption of nicotine products. During surgery you will be given anesthesia and recovering from anesthesia requires healthy lungs and proper blood flow. Nicotine products, smoking can affect healing by interfering with blood flow beneath the skin and can also affect lungs capacity.
    • Stop alcohol consumption so that you have healthy liver which is necessary for recovery from the liposuction surgery.
  • 2 weeks prior to the liposuction surgery:

Stop taking medicines like Ibuprofen, aspirin, herbal products and vitamins. It is necessary that you have clean and healthy body before surgery. Avoid overexposure of yourself into the sun as it may cause skin peeling and can have impact on the surgery. 

  • One week prior to the liposuction surgery:

In case you are having any medical condition like cough, fever, any skin infection immediately inform the surgeon. Liposuction surgeons prefer to use special soap known as hibiclens prior to the surgery. Start using it. Get compression stockings aur TED hose that is needed to make you comfortable after the surgery. It’s will help you from getting blood clots and shall improvise your blood circulation.

  • 2 days before the liposuction surgery:
  • Clean the surgical area and shape the unwanted hairs in the area before the surgery.
  • Stick to a lighter diet and avoid eating fast food burger, fry’s so as to avoid bloating during surgery. Consult your surgeon about the diet and follow the diet plan as recommended to get better results from the surgery. 
  • Do not eat in the night before the surgery. Avoid drinking water, or any other drink before the night of the surgery. Do not apply any lotions, creams, perfume on the skin. In case youre taking any medicine for high blood pressure ticket with a very small amount of water in the morning of the surgery.
  • The day of the liposuction surgery:

Be positive, come along with an attendant, and we are loose and comfortable clothing. Avoid wearing tight leggings or pants, and jewellery.

  • After the liposuction surgery:

Follow the proper guidelines as recommended by the surgeon to obtain the best results out of the liposuction surgery. It is necessary that your garments are smooth and as specified by the surgeon. Normally these are the compression garments and may have supporting foam. This garment must be worn for six weeks as it shall decrease swelling, fluid retention and ensure your skin remains smooth and nice. 

During the surgery oral sedatives is given it is normal that patients experience dizziness and they will not be able to drive themselves back to home. It is necessary that you make arrangements for an attendant with you and a person who could drive you back safely to your home.

You witness some swelling around the surgical area immediately after the liposuction surgery. This is a normal condition so you need not to panic. You will also experience some pain and discomfort along with the drainage of certain fluids around the incisions within 48 hours of the surgery. These are normal after the surgery. Proper gauze and medical tapes shall be provided to you to apply on the surgical area.  

Most of the stitches of the incision will dissolve themselves but those which failed to dissolve shall be removed by the surgeon. It is common to have regular follow up visits after the surgery. 

The skin shall loose and slowly shall shrink. It will take time to heal. Same is the case with the scars. The scars shall go over time.

Factors that can indicate of some problem:

Consult the surgeon immediately if you come across following conditions after the liposuction surgery:

  • Constant feeling of dizziness, vomiting that is persistent
  • Bleeding or blood clots
  • Fever or any infection
  • Infection at the surgical site
  • Bleeding under the skin or leakage of some sort of serum under the skin after liposuction. 
  • Having difficulty in breathing as it can be a rare sign indicating pulmonary edema. It can occur if excessive intravenous fluids are given during the surgery leading to the accumulation of the fluid in the lungs. 
  • Feeling of numbness in the area of surgery. 
  • Unconsciousness 


The recovery time form a liposuction surgery varies from patient to patient and the procedure adopted. The outcome of the surgery can be a minor change to the expected change. The outcome depends on health condition of the patient and the skills of the surgeon. So, it is necessary to gain through information about the surgeon to avail liposuction surgery. Generally, these procedures are highly safe and are known to result in few side effects. Consult your surgeon immediately if you notice any of the side effects.