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The Best Footballers So Far In 2022: Get Ready To Be Surprised

In addition to being a sport that moves fans and emotions, soccer could be considered a sports that defines the quality of many professionals worldwide. This may be, based on their individual and collective forms of play, might be easy to know who is ready to be part of the best teams in the world.

This might be why the performance of professionals in this sport is measured with such insistence. This performance measurement could ensure that a team can recognize the potential of certain athletes and sign them.

The CIES, a European football observatory, might be responsible for making this type of measurement that highlights the levels of players worldwide, a table that reflects the value and position of the footballer within the ‘ranking.’

This analysis showed that the Colombian Luis Díaz is among the top 20 football players in 2022.   Sadly, he is injured at the moment, but hopefully we’ll get to see him in the world cup this year.  Which player will come out on top in the FIFA World Cup? That’s yet to be seen.  Who are the other players that join this prestigious list? Sit tight and roll with us.

Who Tops The List Of Best Players?

The CIES Soccer Observatory found a method to qualify soccer players game by game, recognizing their skills on the field, with their team, and individually. According to what is mentioned by CIES,  OptaPro is the technology used, which gathers values ​​of the averages of the matches played in the five major soccer leagues during certain periods: last week, last month, the last three months, and the last six months.

So then, the ‘ranking’ within the five major leagues in Europe that CIES released is as follows:

Player Position Club
Kylian Mbappé Forward Paris St-Germain (FRA)
Vinícius Júnior Forward Real Madrid (ESP)
Erling Haaland Forward Manchester City (ENG)
Jude Bellingham Defensive Midfield Borussia Dortmund (GER)
Phil Foden Forward Manchester City (ENG)
Frenkie de Jong Defensive Midfield FC Barcelona (ESP)
Luis Díaz Forward Liverpool FC (ENG)
Rúben Dias Center Back Manchester City (ENG)
Ferran Torres Forward FC Barcelona (ESP)
Lautaro Martínez Forward Internazionale (ITA)


For a player to be included in this list, they must have been classified in a sufficient number of games.

Surprise Addition: Luis Díaz Among the Best of CIES

Occupying the 18th position, Liverpool FC striker Luis Diaz is considered one of the best because his sporting quality has led him to stand out in one of the best leagues in the world and has brought him closer to some of the essential triumphs in football.

Final Thoughts

Being among the top-ranked players is the dream of all football players globally. However, it isn’t always achieved by many, as talent and hard work come into play. CIES changes its ranking of the best-valued players from time to time, and we must appreciate the consistency of players maintaining the list.  Which player do you think is supposed to be on this list? Let’s have your opinion.