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The Best Colors To Use When Painting A House

Encore Painting can help if you’re looking for experienced painters in Toronto. One of the simplest and least expensive home improvement projects you can complete is a fresh coat of paint, which can instantly give a room a new lease on life or prepare it for sale. To find a look for your home that truly reflects your vision, it can occasionally be challenging to keep up with the most recent trends given how quickly they change. To get ideas for your own, it can be useful to see what other homeowners have done with spaces that are similar to their own. In order to give your home the fresh look it deserves, let’s look at some interior and exterior painting trends.

Home’s exterior color trends

In addition to being one of the simplest ways to update your home, a fresh coat of high-quality paint can protect your house from the elements and add curb appeal, both of which can increase the value of your property. So here are just a few color combinations that will energize your home and help it become truly your own if you’re looking for exterior painters in Toronto.

Deep Green and White: Deep green is a vibrant but not overpowering color for a home’s exterior. It is cozy and contemporary, and when combined with white accents like window frames, eaves, and doors, your home will feel both slick and welcoming.

The colors cream and brown can transform any house into a Tudor-style manor, giving it a retro appearance that is still classy. Cream is a bright, neutral color that goes with almost anything. However, cream walls with rich brown trim on frames, columns, and doors can make any home look like a manor in the Tudor style.

Navy Blue and Yellow: Although choosing navy blue and yellow for your home is undoubtedly more daring, it has been a timeless color combination for years for good reason. You can create the appearance of a cozy, maritime cottage in your home by using navy blue walls, particularly on wood or paneling, along with yellow accents on window shutters, doors, and the underside of the roof.

Anyone familiar with contemporary home design will not be surprised that much darker color schemes have grown to be hugely popular. These colors include blacks, browns, and charcoals. A home will be instantly modernized by adding deep brown accents to door frames or garage frames. This will turn any property into a sleek piece of modern architecture.

Home Interior Color Trends

One thing to keep in mind for those searching for interior painters in Toronto is that, unlike the exterior of your home, which is probably going to have one consistent theme, it is typical for different rooms in your home to have different themes depending on the mood you want to promote. Of course, if the colors in your home are similar throughout, neutral tones like white, cream, and beige are advised. But for the time being, let’s look at some specific interior painting trends that can give each room in your house a distinctive personality.

The tuxedo kitchen which features a black and white color scheme with typically black cabinets and white walls, is a recent design that has become very popular. Your kitchen can have a contemporary appearance and a vintage diner feel when matched with black and white floor tiles. Additionally, navy blue walls with brown cabinets have become more and more common in kitchens. This color combination provides your kitchen an elegant feel when paired with brass hardware.

Bathrooms: Since your bathroom is probably one of your smaller rooms, it is generally a good idea to stick with light colors there to add brightness and expand the space. One of the best combinations for this is white with a light pink. The subtle pink has a calming effect when combined with the white. In a bathroom, white and light green complement each other beautifully. White countertops and tiles with green accents give the room a cozy, cottage-like atmosphere.

Bedrooms: There is a reason why grey and white is a traditional bedroom color scheme. It is fresh and contemporary but still warm and welcoming, and it is versatile enough to work with any style of decor. Go dark if you’re looking for something more audacious! Your bedroom can feel opulent and sophisticated while remaining warm and inviting by pairing deep brown or charcoal walls with violet decor. To avoid the dark colors becoming overwhelming, make sure the room receives plenty of natural light.

Living Rooms: Considering that living rooms are intended to be social gathering places and places to unwind, it should come as no surprise that the most popular color schemes for them are typically cozy and warm. Similar to how grey and white for a bedroom creates a cozy atmosphere, light beiges or creams are neutral enough to go with almost anything. As for a more recent design fad, living rooms have been increasingly combining deep green walls with rich brown accents to create an earthy, welcoming atmosphere.

These are just a few examples of modern color schemes that can be used in your home to help you see what is possible and to get inspired to make it your own. When you’re ready, Encore Painting will be there for you every step of the way. Our painting specialists can help you choose the ideal color scheme for any room inside or outside of your home because they stay current with the most recent trends. There is never any risk in allowing one of our representatives to walk you through the entire process, from the initial meeting to the final coat of paint, as our evaluations are always free. Make an appointment for a free consultation with Encore Painting Ltd. today to discuss how we can realize your vision.