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The Best Approach To Sales Pitch For Every Personality Type

A salesperson should render a precise sales pitch to keep the prospect engaged as well as excited about the product. A good sales pitch is the best weapon a salesperson can have. It creates a sense of connectivity with the prospect and helps them decide in your favor. Also, it should have a personal touch, which means it should be tailor-made for the prospect. As a salesman, you will be selling to different personalities in your career. It is your job to talk according to their mindset and understand their buying behavior to turn every opportunity into a successful one.

What Is A Sales Pitch?

A sales pitch is a speech or a presentation that is prepared and presented to a prospective customer in order to persuade them to buy your product or service. Though it is prepared in advance, you should try to strike up a conversation with the prospect spontaneously.

In particular, instead of just talking about the highlights of your product, try to convince the prospect how your product solves the challenges they face in their business and how it addresses their pain points. A good sales pitch starts with the introduction, followed by value addition, storytelling based on testimonials, proof of performance like stats, and ends with a clear Call-to-action (CTA).

Types Of Buyers And Their Personalities

Some companies conduct a sales personality test to find out whether you will be a right fit for their sales team. The main purpose of such a test is to understand whether you have the capabilities of selling to people with different personality types.

In general, there are 4 types of buyers and each type of person has different personality types and buying behavior. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Assertive Buyers

Confident, decisive, and result-oriented types of buyers are called assertive buyers. They concentrate more on details and accurate data rather than building relationships. Their personality traits are impatience, loud tone, and taking charge. They are clear about their expectations and want to know the results. These people like straightforward conversations and concentrate only on the bottom line.

They may look tough to convince but preparing a sales pitch with facts and figures will make it easy for you. Emphasize the competitive advantage of your product and how it solves their business problems to make a sale to assertive buyers alias drivers.

2. Expressive Buyers

As the name suggests, these types of buyers are friendly, charming, and driven by emotions. They have strong personalities and look forward to maintaining healthy customer relationships. Wondering how to deal with expressive customers? Read on.

Your script for the sales pitch should include testimonials on how your product helped people. This is the best way to connect with expressive buyers and persuade them to buy. Be funny and engaging to build a good rapport with these buyers. Don’t speak much about data and figures as they are least bothered in all those.

3. Amiable Buyers

Amiable buyers are more welcoming, soft-spoken, and take more time to make decisions. They are great listeners and fond of informal conversations. To persuade them, you need to build engaging conversations filled with your customer’s success stories, examples, and affirmations only when satisfied with a free trial, they will be purchasing the product.

All these are kind of extended assistance for their decision-making process. As they are slow to decide, you need to give them sufficient time too. Build trust and transparency throughout the selling process. Create interest in your product. They like creative solutions and challenges.

4. Analytic Buyers

Analytical buyers are those who do research about you and your product, your company details, etc in advance. They ask a lot of in-depth questions to thoroughly understand your product. They like data analytics which projects accurate results rather than assumptions.

As they know the basics, you need to customize a pitch with charts and figures that ensure results. Also, don’t give any vague result guarantees. Be careful in this aspect, as they will be in talks with your competitors as well in order to choose the best for their business. As they are skeptical, it is important to give them enough time to make a decision. Provide the details and wait for them to respond to win the deal.

Summing Up

Hope this blog helps you understand the 4 customer personality types and the techniques of selling to different personalities. As human beings, we all have different qualities. It reflects in our buying behavior too. As a salesperson, it is your responsibility to assess what type of personality you are selling to and craft a sales pitch accordingly. Some buyers will have a combination of traits. Your sales pitch should be flexible and adaptive to match the buyer’s personality. “The bottom line is that people are seeking answers and direction, not messages or sales pitches” – once you understand this saying, you will win in sales.