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The Best Ad Blocker on Android in 2023

Every mobile device user will agree that ads that suddenly appear on the screen are very distracting. To continue watching a video, reading a book on a website, or playing a game, you need to wait for a couple of seconds. Moreover, there is a risk of collecting your personal data and getting a virus, even if you didn’t click on anything.

The solution to this problem is to install an adblock for Android. What is it for, and what features should it include? In this article, you will learn about the principles of ad blocker on Android and get tips for choosing one. Such a tool will safeguard the security of your device.

Ad Blocker: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Adblock on Android is a tool designed to disable advertising content, including continuous pop-ups. It can also be in a browser extension format.

The blocker can run a blacklist check on domain names of items on a web page (it is extensive and is updated as the site page loads). When it finds a component identified as containing ads, it immediately interrupts its loading.

Thus, one of the key tasks of adblock on Android is to scan web pages for certain elements according to specified criteria. For example, it can instantly remove images the size of standard banners.

Some tools are so effective at removing ads from a website that it creates the impression that there were no ads at all. Others can disable ads, but they cannot change the page layout, so the space where the banner was can be left white or black.

The tool is effective not only for browsers but also for applications installed on your smartphone or tablet. Now you don’t have to wait for the ad to finish to continue playing a game or watching a video on YouTube.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blockers

Each ad blocker Android has its pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.


  • Continuously studying a web page or watching a video. Often the sites you visit contain so many ads that you literally can’t read the content. With the ad blocker, you’ll spend less time opening web pages and browsing content.
  • Security assurance. All kinds of malicious ads are blocked. This is important because even accidentally clicking on them can trigger the installation of viruses, spyware, and ransomware on your mobile device.
  • Saving battery life. It’s no secret that downloading large pictures or lengthy videos drains the battery of your phone or tablet. Ad blocking positively affects your device’s performance and battery level.
  • Prevent tracking. Advertisers use web trackers that allow them to customize ads based on what ads you’ve interacted with. Blocker protects you from seeing ads for products you’ve previously searched for. Other device users cannot see your personalized ads.
  • Children’s online safety. The ads children may see online affect their behavior in real life. And the problem is not limited to obscene content. Because of their age, children are easily influenced by other people’s ideas, such as promoting an “ideal” appearance. In addition to parental control, install an Android ad blocker. This is an effective method to protect children from the harmful effects of this kind of content.

These are the reasons why ad blocking for Android will not only protect you from possible virus attacks but also make your online experience as pleasant as possible.

Now let’s talk about the disadvantages of blockers. These include the following:

  • Lack of confidentiality guarantee for your data. In essence, these programs are intermediaries between the network and the user. Therefore, they can block advertisements and easily intercept your data. Unverified browser extension ad blockers are particularly unsafe.
  • Usage issues. Lesser-known tools may have an unclear user interface and functionality that may be difficult to understand.
  • Risk of viruses. Unverified tools are not recommended, as malicious software can be disguised as ad blockers.
  • Timely updates of extensions are required. This is necessary for effective threat mitigation and vulnerability patching in the browser’s security system.
  • Tracking of ad blocker usage by websites. Websites may entirely or partially block their content from being displayed. Instead, they offer ad-free browsing for a fee: either by paid content viewing or free viewing with advertisements.

What’s more, some sites are designed specifically for placing ads. And because it’s what their owners make money on, sites can show you notifications like “You might be using a blocker,” asking you to disable it or add the site to an exclusion list.

Choose only proven options to ensure the tool’s effectiveness and avoid problems with its use.

How to Choose the Best Ad Blockers Android?

Among the variety of options, it is essential not to make a mistake and install precisely the tool that will meet all your needs. Let’s understand what you should look for when searching for the best ad blocker on Android.

  1. Compatible with browsers and apps. Be sure to study what the tool covers. You should choose the one that supports top browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) and blocks advertising content in apps, games, and YouTube.
  2. Block filters. With this feature, you can choose which ads you want to see and which you don’t. You can adjust the parameters to your preferences as much as possible.
  3. Pay attention to your ISP’s privacy settings. Many blocker owners are guilty of collecting personal information about users. A no-logs policy will ensure that your data stays safe.
  4. Optional function package. In addition to the primary task of removing ads, the blocker can also include antivirus and malware scanners. The additional features will help increase the security of your device immensely.
  5. A reliable ad removal assistant cannot be free (except for a trial period). There are many options on the market with an acceptable price-quality ratio. Also, vendors may offer flexible pricing, trial versions, and even refunds if, for some reason, you are not satisfied with the result.

After familiarizing yourself with these nuances of choosing the best adware blocker for Android, you can quickly find the tool that suits you perfectly. One option that meets all criteria is AWAX. Let’s discuss what sets it apart from its competitors and why it’s worth attention.

AWAX as Effective Solution to Fight Advertising Content

AWAX is an advanced ad blocker for browsers, apps, and games on Android devices. You can also use it on iPhones, iPads (Safari browser), and macOS/Windows PCs (Google Chrome browser). Moreover, it is also suitable for Android TV.

The tool does not require additional connections to Internet services because it works offline. This saves web traffic and speeds up the loading of web pages.

AWAX functions based on a local VPN connection. It transmits data not through a dedicated server but through integrated services. Thus, this tool is not only capable of blocking banners, requests, and links but also prevents the collection of confidential user data.

One could say that AWAX is a filter between the Internet and the app on the user’s device, which helps cut off annoying ads and prevent tracking in streaming mode.

How does AWAX work in a browser?

AWAX works in the browser as follows: all incoming traffic is redirected through a VPN service to a local filter. This blocks cookies, advertising links, and tracking requests and leaves you with the desired content.

How does blocking in games happen?

AWAX makes playing games on Android devices as comfortable as possible for users. The local VPN service helps the ad blocker filter all incoming traffic. It is worth noting that using the blocker does not increase ping in online games, as the filter is located not on an external source but in the virtual environment of the service. All data passes between the user and the game server through the program that blocks spam and ads.

How does AWAX disable ads in apps?

The blocker can handle standard advertisements and other “unnecessary” traffic: annoying banners, videos, native links, and pop-ups. All data is passed through AWAX filters quickly, preventing ads from fully loading on your device. This allows your apps to perform better and load the content you need faster.

However, remember that you cannot combine AWAX with similar tools. Support for two or more VPN services is not possible either.

7 Competitive Advantages of AWAX

The features and operating principle of the best ad blocker for Android AWAX are distinctive among competing products. Here is a list of advantages that define AWAX as Android best ad blocker:

  1. Easy to manage ads. The tool has a simple interface that lets you quickly understand the functionality. You won’t have any problems configuring the settings and using the functions for your own purposes.
  2. AWAX runs in the background, allowing it to pass data streams unimpeded while blocking the download of viruses and adware. This reduces bandwidth consumption and positively affects the overall performance of the device.
  3. The latest modern technology made it possible to create a perfect product for maximum Android device performance.
  4. All incoming traffic is filtered through the built-in VPN, which allows you to avoid advertising links. The AWAX database is regularly updated so that the tool can detect even hidden advertisements.
  5. Every user who installed AWAX on their device has the opportunity to take a 7-day free trial. During this time, you can fully appreciate the benefits of the service and then purchase the full version on the official website.
  6. Data privacy. Phishing attacks and web tracking are no longer a problem because AWAX protects personal information. Any potentially dangerous request will be instantly rejected. Programs aiming to acquire your geolocation, activity, and confidential information will be blocked.
  7. Work across platforms. Mobile OS (Android, iOS) and desktop (Windows, macOS) users can evaluate the effectiveness of using AWAX.

Based on the above advantages, we can conclude that AWAX deserves the title of the best Android adblock. Next, let’s talk about the peculiarities of its use.

How Do I Start Using the Best Ad Blocking Android AWAX?

First, you need to download the app by typing the key phrase “block ad Android” or “Chrome ad blocker for Android” in the Google Play search bar. Then you can extend the functionality in the background by activating a local VPN connection through the device settings.

You can also download AWAX from the official website. Installing the tool from the package won’t cause much trouble if you use the instructions below. Follow three simple steps:

  1. On the AWAX home page, download the file for installation.
  2. Search for this file in “Downloads” and install it.
  3. Start the app and follow further instructions.

The steps may vary slightly on different Android devices, but the AWAX Support Team will help if you encounter difficulties.

How Do I Get a Free Trial of AWAX?

Users who have downloaded AWAX from the Android play store are given a free activation code for a test run. After that, if you want to use the full functionality, you will need to purchase a licensed version.

You will receive an activation code in your Personal account when placing an order on the official website. And when downloading from the app store, it will be automatically linked to your Google account.

To activate the code, copy it in your account and enter it in the free field by clicking the “New activation code” button in the “License status” section. After confirming your action by clicking the checkmark, you will activate the key.

To Summarize

Advertising accompanies us everywhere. But we don’t always want to interact with it, let alone endanger our mobile devices. The variety of tools forces us to spend time searching for the best ad blocker for Android that will handle various tasks: from disabling ads to protecting against web tracking.

One of the effective, comprehensive solutions is AWAX. This tool is versatile. It simultaneously fights against advertising, ensures data protection, improves device performance, and speeds up web page loading. See for yourself by installing it on your phone or tablet!