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The 8 Best Public Dog Parks in Knoxville

If you’re a dog owner, then you know the importance of socializing your pup. Some people might not know that public parks are a great place for their dogs to meet new friends and explore at their own pace. These spaces often have separate areas for small and large dogs, so everyone can enjoy themselves. If you live in an apartment building or don’t have a backyard where your dog can roam freely, these outdoor spaces are excellent.

Knoxville is a great city to live in if you’re a dog owner. There are plenty of parks and nature areas in Knoxville where you can let your pooch run around and explore. Here are some of the best places to take your dog on a walk or hike.

But, before you take your dog out to any public place, make sure that all the vaccinations are up to date. Also, ensure that you have information about the appropriate medication in case of any running injuries or small accidents. Antibiotics Amoxicillin capsules are great for treating infected wounds and abscesses. You can easily buy them at an online pet pharmacy. However, you will need a vet’s prescription to buy Amoxicillin.

It’s now time for us to take a look at the best dog parks in Knoxville.

Victor Ashe Park

Located in Knoxville’s historic Fort Dickerson area, Victor Ashe Park is one of the city’s best-kept secrets. The park features a wide range of trees and natural vegetation, including several large dogwood trees that are particularly popular with runners and their dogs during warmer months. Other amenities include a small playground, basketball court, as well as restrooms with changing tables for babies. In addition to being a great place to bring your dog on a nice day, there are several other attractions nearby that you can visit before or after visiting Victor Ashe Park:

  • The John Sevier Cultural Heritage Museum (just across the street) has exhibits on Native American history, so it’s perfect if you want to spend some time learning more about an important part of Tennessee history while also enjoying some quality time with your dog.
  • Oaklands Historic House Museum (two miles away) has been restored by volunteers who work tirelessly to preserve Knoxville’s heritage—and it also offers guided tours through its house museum.

Ijams Nature Center

According to Niki French, the popular author of “STOP Walking Your Dog,” daily walks can be harmful to dogs. And dog owners should replace their 30-minute walk schedule with an alternate activity. This is why Ijams Nature Center is a great place to take your dog, especially if you’re looking for a place where they can play freely. There are numerous trails throughout the park that allow you and your pup to explore the woods. If you want to just walk through the woods or along the river, Ijams has plenty of space for that.

Mead’s Quarry

Mead’s Quarry at Ijams Nature Center is a great place to take your dog. It’s located on the shores of Ijams Creek and features several trails that are perfect for hiking with your four-legged best friend. The park is open from dawn, and dogs are allowed off-leash in designated areas during those hours.

The park contains two separate fenced playgrounds: one for small dogs (under 20 pounds) and one for larger breeds (20 pounds and up). But even if your pup isn’t ready for off-leash playtime yet, there’s still plenty of opportunity for fun at Mead’s Quarry. There are walking trails throughout the 83 acres of land, as well as picnic tables where you can enjoy snacks together with your furry friend while taking in some fresh air or beautiful scenery. If you’re feeling up for an adventure outside of Knoxville city limits, this is an option worth considering.

Cherokee Boulevard

It is well known that simply being in a dog’s presence raises ‘positive’ serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain and lowers blood pressure. This makes Cherokee Boulevard one of the most popular places to take your dog for a walk in Knoxville. It’s not uncommon to see groups of owners walking their dogs together along Cherokee Boulevard. This makes it a good place to meet other dog owners.

If you’re looking for more than just a walk-and-talk, Cherokee Boulevard also has plenty of space where you can train your dog without interrupting anyone else’s daily routine.

Lakeshore Park

Lakeshore Park is a large, wooded park that’s perfect for long walks with your dog. It’s easy to get lost in this park, so make sure you know where you’re headed. Many trails wind through the forest and around the lake. This makes it easy to explore all sides of the park. If you want an easy stroll, stick to areas close to where you parked. But if you think your dog has what it takes for an adventure into the deep woods, Lakeshore Park has plenty of trails that will take him there.

The lake at Lakeshore Park makes for great swimming sessions with dogs that love water. We found several places along its shoreline where we could go in without worrying about getting stuck.

Sequoyah Hills Park

Sequoyah Hills Park is a great option for dog owners who want to take their furry friends out for a run. This park has more than 5 miles of trails, including wooded areas, open fields, and some paved walking paths as well. The grounds are also known for hosting events like the annual Easter Egg Hunt every spring.

The park features plenty of parking spaces next to the off-leash area so you can leave your car with your pup while you go explore other parts of Sequoyah Hills or walk around downtown Knoxville. But we don’t recommend that since walking a dog relieves stress more effectively than walking alone because it reduces the release of hormones that induce sadness and anxiety.

You’ll need to pay an entrance fee upon arrival. But it’s worth it if you’re going to be spending hours in the sun during peak season.

South Knoxville Waterfront Park

South Knoxville Waterfront Park is a great place to take your furry friend. The park features several miles of trails, including one trail that’s just for dogs. You can also enjoy the beautiful overlooks and views of the Tennessee River. There are plenty of places to sit and relax while your pup explores or plays fetch with you in this off-leash area.

There’s ample parking at this park, but it can get crowded on weekends as well as during peak times like lunchtime.

River Sports Outfitters

The River Sports Outfitters and Canine Training Center is located at West State of Franklin Road, Knoxville. This is a great place to take your dog if you want to get out on the water or in the woods. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or just want to enjoy the fresh air with your canine companion, River Sports Outfitters has something for everyone.

They offer two different types of day passes, half-day passes and full-day passes. However long your stay might be, though, please remember that dogs must be leashed at all times so as not to scare other people who may be visiting there as well.

Coolidge Park

Coolidge Park is located in West Knoxville, just a few miles from the University of Tennessee campus. It’s a great place to spend the day with your dog if you live in this area and are looking for somewhere to go that’s close by.

This park has everything: there are basketball courts, playgrounds, and plenty of open green space for playing fetch or Frisbee with your pup. Dogs can run off-leash within designated areas at certain times of the day. If you’re looking for something more social than just being out with your dogs, this is the place. There will almost always be other people there interacting with their pets as well.

The great thing about Knoxville’s best dog parks is that they offer a variety of different experiences. You can go on a hike through the wilderness or explore downtown with your pup, and there are plenty of options in between. Whether you prefer natural spaces or city landscapes, we hope that this list has given you some ideas for where to spend time with your furry friend.