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The 41 Most Trusted Graphic Design Companies from Around the World

Graphic design is a skill that many companies may have acquired over the years. Investors look for a professional graphic designer who is truly gifted and will elevate the brand advertisements to the top. You always have the option to use an online logo maker free of cost. But people tend to choose a company that is experienced and holds a reputation among many clients. This article will take you through the 41 most trusted graphic designing companies around the world.

1 Pentagram

Pentagram’s notable clients are Planned Parenthood, Starbucks, United Airlines, Warner Brothers, and many more. It offers them services such as brand identity, book design, campaigns, and interiors and architecture, to name a few.

2 Landor

Headquartered in San Francisco, its notable clients are Apple, Australian Open, and BMW P&G, to name a few. It provides services such as adaptation and implementation, brand architecture, and brand identity.

3 Wolff Olins

Wolff Olins has worked with several reputed clients and provided the best graphic designing services. Their client list is vast and includes names such as eBay, Apple, and 3M.

4 Meta Design

The headquarters of Meta Design is located in San Francisco, and some of its mention-worthy clients include Adidas, Coca-Cola, and Porsche. Brand activation, brand creation, and brand strategy are some of the services they provide.

5 Happy Cog

With graphic design inspiration from the web design environment, Happy Cog has always been able to make its clients happy with services such as content strategy, design and branding, project definition, and many more.

6 The Chase

Chase has contributed significantly to providing the best service to its clients like Alibaba, BBC, Disney, and Fujitsu.

7 Pearlfisher

Pearlfisher has associations with several organizations and has offered its services to companies like Cadbury, Jim Beam, Yoplait, etc.

8 Charlie Smith Design

Charlie Smith Design is famous for its world-famous project success with clients such as Dragonfly Tea, the Royal Academy of Arts, UNICEF, Phaidon, among others.

9 Mucho

Mucho provides its clients with services such as brand management and brand narrative. Its client list includes names such as Kodak, the University of California, and Apple.

10 Chermayeff & Geismar &Haviv

Chermayeff &Geismar &Haviv specializes in brand identity and graphic designing services. They have worked with clients like Chase Bank, NBC, and National Geographic, to name a few.

11 Saffron Brand Consultants

The company is based in Madrid. Its notable clients include Proximus, V Festival, and YouTube.

12 Anagrama

Located in Mexico, Anagrama specializes in architecture, brand strategy, interior design, and more. Conarte Library, Redberry, and Winter Milk are some of its notable clients.

13 Studio Dumbar

Operating since 1997, this company has worked with BigMile, DEMO Festival, and VBMS, among others. They specialize in services such as brand strategy and visual identity.

14 A Practice for Everyday Life

A Practice for Everyday Life ensures that every design is creative and specializes in exhibitions, publications, and packaging. They have worked with clients like Performa, Tate, and Art on the Underground.

15 Fireart Studio

The company is headquartered in Warsaw and offers services like motion design, product design, and many others. It has worked with clients like 2Park, Google, and MyTaxi.

16 Spin

Spin has provided services to Channel 4, D&AD, Meta, and others in print and environmental design areas.

17 House Industries

Experienced in areas such as drawing and font creation, House Industries has offered its service to clients such as Herman Miller, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Hermes, among others.

18 SocioDesign

Headquartered in London, the company has offered its services in fields like brand identity, digital experiences, and packaging solutions to clients like KAE, STOR, Sonos, and Capital Magazine.


This Brooklyn-oriented Professional Graphic Designer focuses on areas such as publishing, art, fashion, and lifestyle. It has provided its services to clients such as AIGA, BLK, DNM MoMa, and several other reputed firms.

20 Only

Only has become a reputed name after winning awards for its top-class services to notable clients like Sony Music, Roundhouse, and Design for Europe, to name a few.

21 Frog

Headquartered in San Francisco, Frog offers services like growth strategy, org activation, architectural design, and more to clients such as Alto, Supersonic, and Lumen.

22 Made by Alphabet

Made by Alphabet focuses on areas like art direction, print and editorial, web, and social. The company has clients like Flyby, JD Sports, OnePlus, and Extrajet.

23 DIA

DIA specializes in kinetic identity systems and has offered its work to Adidas, Cartoon Network, FX, and many others.

24 Radish Lab

Radish Lab specializes in branding and design, website, and interactive services. They have worked with clients like Promundo, Eventbrite, and Rainforest Alliance.

25 Hey

Hey focuses on art direction, branding campaigns, and licensing, among other services. Apple, CBS, Mr Porter, and many others are some of its clients.

26 Franklyn

Franklyn has worked with notable clients like Airbnb, Converse, Kimski, MetLife, and others. They offer services like app design, branding, and brand strategy.

27 Dessein

The services offered by Dessein are branding, logo designs, photography, and print materials. It is a graphic design inspiration and has clients such as Black Swan, Zwena, and Rubra.

28 Litmus Branding

This company offers the best quality in services like copywriting and content writing, packaging design, and digital marketing. Its client list includes names such as Green Products, Luxor, Lotus Dairy, and many others.

29 Casa Rex

Casa Rex specializes in language limits and visual culture research. Its clients are Axe, Burger King, Dove, and Magnum to name a few.

30 Brandient

Brandient has worked for its clients, namely, CEC Bank, Domo, Vodafone, Tinmar, and others. It specializes in brand innovation, digital design, and consultancy.

31 ID&B

The notable clients of ID&B are Coca-Cola, IntelX, Kinektek, Shoprite, and others. Their services are visual identity and UX/UI.

32 Eat Creative

Eat Creative provides events management, print design, branding, content creation, and more. Their reputed clients are TEDx Tokyo, and Gap China, to name a few.

33 Re-public

Re-public specializes in services such as branding and visual identity. Some of their clients are 1602, Bilbasen, and DBA.

34 Essen International

Specializing in design, and content technology, Essen International has worked with clients like SAAB, Swisscom, and Vattenfall.

35 Bedow

Bedow specializes in packaging and publications. Their clients include Polyester, UNICEF Qapital, and others.

36 Bond

The services of Bond include brand architecture, graphic designing, and many more. Their clients are Good Sport, Grano, and many others.

37 Studio Fnt

Studio Fnt has worked for clients like Field Trip, Milk Lab, and Megabox. They provide services such as exhibition designs, cultural arts, etc.

38 Fable

The notable clients of Fable include hello 2016, Hidden, and Alpha Drive, among others. Their services are a brand strategy and spatial experiences.

39 Winkreative

Winkreative provides various high-quality services like digital, film, and packaging. Some of the notable clients are Lexus, Louis Vuitton, and St. Moritz.

40 Bravo

Bravo specializes in motion and animation, concept development, and more. Their notable clients include Marriott, Mexout, and Nike, to name a few.

41 MaxMedia

This graphic design company is based in Atlanta and has offered services like AR/VR and digital and brand logos to notable clients, namely Beats and Coca-Cola.


A professional graphic designer can increase brand sales by uniquely elevating the brand logo. The world’s top graphic designing companies have achieved that position due to their experience and quality of service. So, when it comes to your investments, never compromise and always choose the best graphic designing company.