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Technologies that are driving renewable energy

With the climate change crisis now officially dovetailing out of control, there has never been a greater call for renewable energy investment. The global reliance on oil and gas needs to stop, this much was driven home by the invasion of Ukraine last year and the subsequent energy crisis it catalyzed. But while oil and gas still account for more than half of global energy consumption, there is definitely a positive change happening.

This change is being spearheaded by certain industries and technologies that have a futureproof mindset. Here, we’ll be spotlighting a few of these sectors.

Artificial intelligence

AI is having a major transformative impact on most industries but not in the ways you might think. We’ve all been led to believe by decades of speculative science fiction that AI will replace us but it’s actually being used in a more benevolent capacity. In terms of renewable energy it’s being used to forecast demand to ensure minimum waste, which is very important with renewable resources that can’t be stored for as long as oil and gas. The cleverer this AI gets, the more gains can be made and the easier the transition to clean energy will be.

Green hydrogen energy

While burning hydrogen is a green process, in theory, converting it into fuel can be a very environmentally unfriendly activity. A green hydrogen pipeline, however, such as the one Shell and RWE have already committed to building in Europe, uses electrolysis and water in a manner that renders the process completely carbon-free. This pipeline isn’t expected to be completed until 2035 but there are other movements being made in the green hydrogen field such as the hydrogen powered electric bike and the hydrogen powered electric car charger.

The Internet of Things

The IoE refers to networked devices sharing information and working together to achieve a goal. If you have an Amazon Echo in your home then you are using IoE technology. As this technology advances, however, more utility companies will be able to connect their data centers to their power sources, helping in everything from efficiency to experience. Advanced engineering in renewables

The technology underpinning renewable energy is always improving. We are seeing particular gains being made in the solar and wind markets, where once expensive parts such as computerized components and torque sensors can now be produced and bought for a fraction of the cost a few decades ago. This is only going to get better the more time moves on too!


Imagine if we could turn unwanted crops or even our waste into energy? With bioenergy, it might not be as farfetched as you might think. The process of converting biomass into energy is in its infancy right now but major companies such as Heineken have already begun using bio waste as fuel. The future of energy might just well be in our toilet waste!