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Techberry Review: A Grab For Investors!

Are you afraid of the market uncertainties and fluctuations in the forex industry? If yes, Techberry has got you covered against the risk phobia prevailing in the forex industry.

Techberry promises you up to 11.2% guaranteed profits. Isn’t that great? Let’s learn more about how this innovative social trading platform can make that possible.

What is Techberry Platform?

Techberry is a forex trading exchange platform backed by the insights and wisdom of AI-driven strategies and data calculation. This social trading platform went live in 2015, and since then, it has offered relied-upon solutions for investors. Techberry’s AI algorithm and data analysis based on more than 100,000 traders provide lucrative opportunities in the trading arena for investors.

Is Techberry for me?

You might be thinking that this platform isn’t for you since you’re a rookie trader. But worry not.

Trading is a challenging skill to acquire, and it requires a thorough understanding of market conditions.

This is where Techberry props you up, even if you are a beginner. But how?

Well, Techberry is associated with recognized independent services such as FX Audit and FX Blue, it puts you in an advantageous position, given its unwavering commitment to accuracy and transparency.

What benefits does Techberry promise?

Techberry has been successful in its approach because of its incorporated AI algorithms and data analytics database.

Techberry promises several benefits.

For instance, investors can instantly gain vital information by sorting through the constantly changing market data. In this way, users can potentially make safe, well-informed decisions.

Moreover, Techberry’s AI integration empowers investors to spot trading opportunities promptly and eventually benefit from them.

Also, Techberry’s automated insights into the market condition eliminate human error and help the investor to keep the lead over competitors in the complex world of forex trading.

What Account is best for you?

Techberry offers different packages for its users based on their experience level. To ensure you get the correct account type, Techberry offers several account levels, which also come with various perks. Here is a brief description of the account classifications.

1. Trial

As the name suggests, this membership plan allows users to explore Techberry’s innovative automation. It comes with free usage for up to 14 days. You will have the freedom to deposit a minimum amount of $5000. As it’s a trial, it’s also evident that it doesn’t come with offers like reimbursement of trading losses or real-time trade monitoring and a low service fee, i.e., 50% for a free plan.

2. White

This plan is a paid one. The white plan starts at $9 a month. With a lower subscription charges of $9, this plan comes with a higher service fee of 45%. You may find other features almost alike. And this is the plan where investors are safe because of the plan’s reimbursement protection against trading losses, which are 40%.

3. Green

This membership plan costs you $19 per month. As you are willing to pay more, Techberry gets more fun and exciting. The Green subscription plan is $10 costlier. Given its identical features to the previous ones, it allows you to deposit $5000 at least. And what’s more! The reimbursement percentage of the Green plan is at 50%; however, the service charges drop down to 40%.

4. Silver

Ever wanted a trade monitoring feature in your FX trading account?

Well, the Silver membership plan grants you this feature with a monthly subscription cost of $99. Plus, the service charges lower further to 35%, and the loss reimbursement increases to 60%. With the Silver plan, you can also have the minimal deposit limit increased to $20000.

5. Gold

With a subscription cost of $199, the gold plan offers a deposit limit of $50000. Moreover, the service charges reduces to 30%, while the reimbursement percentage is 70%.

But that’s not all. You can also have trade monitoring and a personal manager for your account. So lay back and grab the opportunities in forex trading.

6. Platinum

A Platinum subscription plan has a deposit limit of $100,000, charges only 25% of service fee, and offers loss reimbursement of 80%. You also get a personal manager and a trade monitoring chart.

7. Diamond

The diamond plan charges you $399 and offers a minimal deposit of up to $200,000. Oh, and not to forget, this plan reduces service fee to 90%, and also increases the reimbursement value to 90%. Isn’t that great?

8. Infinite

The infinite membership is of the ultimate value, yet it is the most expensive one at $499 per month. Here, the minimal deposit volume is $500,000. And as you have been expecting, the service charges drop to 15%. The best part is that this plan covers 100% of your trading losses.

How to Create My Account on Techberry?

It’s quite simple to create an account on TechBerry. The process is similar as you create an account on various social platforms.

  1. Visit Techberry’s official website, and click Join Now at the top right corner.
  2. Enter your name and Email.
  3. You will be asked to create a strong password and retype for confirmation.
  4. Select your country code and enter your Phone Number.
  5. You will receive an OTP CODE via SMS to verify your number.
  6. After clicking Submit, you are in your account.

Alternative to the Bitcoin ETF

Are you a crypto-lover? If yes, then Techberry can be the right choice for you to explore its BTC-related membership plans. Its custom-tailored features suit investors to explore opportunities in cryptocurrency investments. Techberry stands as an exemplified symbol of trust for crypto-enthusiasts.


So, if you want to lay back and see the fortunes of forex trading fall into your lap, Techberry is your way to go.

Techberry can be a viable option to create a profitable passive income stream. Its AI algorithms and data analysis automation are flawless, error-free, precise, and data-driven for potential investors and traders.