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Sziqiqi Excited to Announce the Launch of its Latest Product line, Iron Art

Sziqiqi, is a brand designing and offering a wide collection of metal craftwork, decorative or functional, like statues and figurines, candle holders, and vases. Founded in 2016, Sziqiqi traces its origin back to the 1980s when the grandfather of the brand owner Jojo personally built her a wide range of metal crafts. In honor of those treasured crafts, Jojo and her husband founded the loving and caring brand – Sziqiqi.

Sziqiqi has a loving and caring brand story, and it offers consumers a unique choice of home decorations through its diverse product design. In terms of material selection, Sziqiqi focuses on the research and development of iron products: in today’s age of industrial mass production, Sziqiqi offers a range of products that are handmade and carry on the “craftsman spirit”.

What Products and Services Does Sziqiqi Offer to Its Customers?

Sziqiqi offers a wide range of products that follow the trends in home design, which are vivid, interesting, and full of infectious power. At the same time, it emphasizes functionality and practicality and is constantly optimizing designs. The Sziqiqi collection includes iron candle holders, iron flower urns, iron sculptures, and other products that create the coziest iron world for customers. In Szqiqi’s online shop you can choose products according to the user’s scenario needs:

  1. A Wide Variety of Candle Holders

Sziqiqi’s candle holder collection includes Pillar Candle Holders, Tealight Holders, Candlestick Holders, Candle Lanterns, Candle Sconces, and Candelabra; among them, the Decorative Birdcage Candle Holders Set is one of our special products. The fine and vintage birdcage has an animated bird nestling on the top, providing users with a sense of an immersive and relaxed home.

  1. Exquisite Centerpiece Vases

Sziqiqi’s Centerpiece Vase comes in a variety of styles: the Gold Flower Arrangement Pots Centerpiece for Table Decorations takes the top spot in the Centerpiece Stands category with its retro and elegant look. This is a perfect piece for wedding table decorations, its appearance consists of simple striped grooves, full of modernity and exquisiteness. If you are a fan of flower arranging, this vase is perfect for your needs. It’s designed to not only allow you to enjoy arranging flowers but also to complement your work with the final presentation.

  1. Vivid Statues

Sziqiqi’s iron statues, based on figures, animals, and other figurative forms, have created a series of distinctive products. Among them, Abstract Iron Couple Sculptures, a romantic couple interactive sculpture, are handcrafted from cast iron for durability and a felt base that not only prevents slipping and tipping but also reduces scratches on the table. This couple sculpture is an emotional product developed by Sziqiqi for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, wedding days, birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays. Sziqiqi believes that the heartfelt design and polished handcrafted products are a sure way to capture the heart of your girlfriend, wife, loved one, and mother.

  1. Seasonal Decoration For Special Days

Sziqiqi provides users with a wide range of festive decorations and gift ideas for important occasions such as Christmas, weddings, and Valentine’s Day.

Sziqiqi’s Service Tenet

Sziqiqi focuses on providing consumers with professional selection and design and is committed to launching beautiful home and wedding decorative products. Guided by the philosophy of “Classic, Inheritance, Craftsman Spirit”, Sziqiqi unremittingly promotes loving and companionship and presents consumers with the most sincere brand emotions and unique products.

Sziqiqi has opened a professional Amazon store and offers professional home and events decoration items on Sziqiqi official website: https://sziqiqi.com/, where users can get ideas and inspiration for decorating their homes, weddings, and events.

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