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Synthesis methods for Delta 8

Cannabis compounds like Delta 8, delta 9, and CBD are famous among people worldwide. There are many health benefits of the delta 8, and it is because of their proper chemical structuring and less high effect. Delta 8 is naturally found in the cannabis plant. But the thing to know here is that the amount of delta 8 found in this plant is a little.

That is why many methods are used to synthesize delta 8 in laboratories. They are then used in the desired products like the Delta 8 gummies, vape carts, and oils. More than 5 synthesis methods are used for delta 8 processing. Some of them are very efficient and provide you with the highest quality of the Delta 8. If you are new and want to know about them, this article is a must-read.

3 synthesis methods for Delta 8

Many methods can be used for the synthesis of delta 8. Some of them are listed below:

1.  Photochemical isomerization

It is an interesting method used to synthesize delta 8 from delta 9. In this method, the delta 9 is subjected to a certain wavelength of light. The intensity of the light rearranges the double bond in delta 9, which helps in the formation of delta 8. This is the best method to use as it involves no expensive experimentation.

2.  Use of catalyst

The use of a proper catalyst is yet another method that can be used to synthesize delta 8 from delta 8. The delta 9 is provided with the proper catalyst, which reacts with it and shifts the double bond from the ninth to the eight-carbon atom. This helps in converting delta 9 to delta 8 in the easiest way possible.

3.  Enzymatic methods

This is yet another way by which the delta 8 can be obtained. Many people have tried using enzymes to convert different cannabis compounds and their molecules, like delta 9 and CBD, into delta 8. This is a safe method as it doesn’t involve any violent reactions. They are also very affordable to use.


The synthesis of the delta 8 through the use of different methods is not an issue. Many brands in the market are synthesizing Delta 8 from other cannabinoids like Delta 9 and other cannabis compounds like CBD. These Delta 8 can be found in the Delta 8 gummies near me at the healthcare stores.