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Successful Entrepreneur of Various Businesses: Jas Mathur

What is the secret to being a great entrepreneur of different businesses? When you are inspired by entrepreneurs who thrive in different areas, it becomes easier to achieve goals. Jas Mathur is one of the world’s great references in terms of success, prosperity, technology, and well-being.

Jas Mathur is the CEO of Limitless Inc and Emblaze One Inc. In addition to being CEO, Jas Mathur is also an important supporter of young people so that they can grow in the job market. As Jas Mathur himself says, “I reinvented by reinventing my mindset”.

It has several companies in different fields, such as marketing and technology, health, and wellness. This ambition to be a business leader comes from childhood. When he was younger, Jas Mathur developed skills and techniques in internet advertising and website creation.

Limitless is one of the big companies that launch CBD diet products and supplements. It serves the audience of athletes, who want to reduce the amount of sugar and fat and go for healthier foods, and also for high-level athletes who need to have an all-day diet that increases their performance.

Jas Mathur is also concerned about the well-being of humanity, especially young people, with the partnership with HealthCorps. It is a non-profit organization that aims to put young people into a healthy routine, with nutrient-rich food so that they can have a better quality of life.

Thus, Jas Mathur manages to unite different businesses such as advertising, marketing, technology, and wellness. Several businessmen, and athletes who compete in global championships, seek their services so that they can achieve their goals.

He is always present in the media, where he shares his story, where he believes that everyone can achieve their goals through a lot of effort and sweat, something that Jas Mathur knows from a very young age.

As a young man, he asked his mother to drop out of high school so he could focus on his projects. At just 16 years old, Jas Mathur had already launched a wrestling news website, which made thousands of users access it, leaving it as one of the most accessed sites.

Then he sold his business to a media company, and from that moment on, Jas Mathur only created and innovated several companies in different businesses, always with success. Being companies in the fields of satellite TV, digital surveillance, downloadable media, online dating, and online gambling.

A millionaire trajectory, but, as Jas Mathur says, even with so much money and prosperity in business, with his bad eating habits and sedentary life, he was bankrupt in his health.

It was with the thought of reversing this situation that Jas Mathur created Limitless so that other people could also achieve their goals of having a healthy life and enjoying life better. Losing more than 100 pounds, Jas Mathur applies the secret to achieving the ideal weight in her products and at the same time being healthy enough to have a good quality of life.