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Startup Tales Recognizes HUMCEN GLOBAL IP for “Go-To-Market Support” in Singapore and Dubai

Singapore City, Singapore, November 4, 2023 – HUMCEN GLOBAL IP, the Cross-Border IP Aggregator Platform, is delighted to announce its recent recognition for outstanding “Go-To-Market support” in Singapore and Dubai. This prestigious accolade was bestowed by Startuptales, a platform dedicated to nurturing innovative ideas and empowering successful entrepreneurs across diverse regions, including the UAE, Singapore, and India.

Startuptales ( https://startuptales.co/)  is renowned for its unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and supporting promising startups on their path to success. The organization orricanizes various events and programs aimed at accelerating the growth of startups and promoting entrepreneurship.

The award was presented during a Pitch Day event organized by Startuptales, which took place on 02.11.2023, at Holiday Inn, Chennai. The award followed a thorough evaluation by a distinguished panel of industry experts, which included:

  1. Mr. Ananda Kumar – Founder of Kaizen Venture Studio, Dubai
  2. Mr. Sundaravadanan – Angel Investor, San Angels Network
  3. Rtn. Saseendran Kunhiraman – Head of Partnership and Supply Chain Finance at Billion Loans
  4. Mr. Suresh Narasimha – Founder of Co-Create Ventures

These esteemed individuals brought their wealth of experience and knowledge to assess the candidates for the Go-To-Market support award, making it a significant achievement for HUMCEN GLOBAL IP. The evaluation process considered factors such as innovation, market impact, scalability, and contributions to the business ecosystem across borders.

With this exemplary “Go-To-Market support,” HUMCEN GLOBAL IP is now gearing up to expand its operations to Dubai and Singapore. This recognition not only reaffirms the platform’s commitment to supporting businesses of all sizes but also positions it to thrive in new markets. The strategic move to establish a presence in Dubai and Singapore reflects HUMCEN GLOBAL IP’s dedication to fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and intellectual property protection across borders, and it marks an exciting chapter in the platform’s journey to support and empower businesses in these dynamic regions.

Sasikumar Chandran, CEO & Founder at HUMCEN GLOBAL IP, expressed his gratitude for the award, saying, “We are honored to receive this award for our Go-To-Market support in Singapore and Dubai. It reflects our continuous efforts to provide best-in-class support to businesses of all sizes and IP professionals, enabling them to flourish and thrive in highly competitive markets. We are committed to furthering our mission of fostering innovation and helping businesses succeed.”

This recognition from Startuptales serves as a testament to HUMCEN GLOBAL IP’s dedication to supporting a diverse range of businesses, showcasing the platform’s pivotal role in driving innovation and entrepreneurship within the intellectual property landscape.

For more information about HUMCEN GLOBAL IP and its innovative services, please visit www.humcen.io.

About HUMCEN GLOBAL IP: humcen.io is a cross-border IP Aggregator platform dedicated to simplifying the IP processes for businesses across borders related to Patents, Trademarks, Design, and Copyrights. The platform is steadfast in its commitment to supporting businesses of all sizes, ranging from tier-one companies to startups, with a particular focus on innovation, market expansion, and sustainable growth.

The platform’s primary objective is to help companies safeguard themselves from costly legal battles by protecting their brand name, product innovation, and more without conflicts with existing IP owners. HUMCEN GLOBAL IP recognizes the significance of intellectual property in the competitive business landscape and aims to provide comprehensive solutions to ensure that your intellectual property rights are secure, and your innovations are protected. With humcen.io, you can streamline your IP management, minimize risks, and focus on driving your business forward without the fear of legal disputes.

Special thanks go to Mr. GN Madhu (Our Growth and Investment Advisor) and Mr. Krishnamani Kannan, SSACCI (Singapore Chamber) – Vice Chairman, for their invaluable support and encouragement.


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