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St Augustine Sod Jacksonville FL Guide.

Is St Augustine Floratam Sod Good In Jacksonville FL.

We know tending a lawn to keep its beautiful appearance requires labor and the right knowledge. Sometimes you want professionals to care for your grass or install Floratam St Augustine sod in Jacksonville Fl.
Floratam St Augustine sod is one of our primary areas of expertise, and we are here to serve as your FLoratam sod installation company in Jacksonville.

We are the leading SOD company in Jacksonville, and as such, we provide outstanding communication, good pricing, and installation services carried out by trained professionals. For further information, contact the Green Yard LLC staff at (904) 300-2460 or visit our website at greenyardllc.com.

Floratam is a well-liked option for residential and commercial properties, particularly when a person desires a straightforward lawn requiring little maintenance. Homeowners in Florida frequently go with this particular variety of St. Augustine grass as one of their top selections. Floratam successfully cultivates a wide range of soil types and thrives in direct sunlight. Floratam is well-known for its ability to prevent plants from drying out and enduring drought conditions.

The Floratam sod is a dark green with rough blades that can be walked on. The Floratam grass grows quickly in the summer if it gets enough water and enjoys the sun and heat. Due to its ability to withstand heat and humidity, St. Augustine grass is popular in Jacksonville Florida.

This grass will grow more slowly, and it may even cease growing when the temperature is lower in the fall and winter. It will start to come back to life in the spring, and it will grow quite swiftly. It is important to fertilize and consistently water this ST Augustine Sod throughout the winter months if you want it to maintain its vibrant color. It is recommended that you mow your lawn once a week throughout the summer, when grass grows rapidly, to maintain a height of between three and four inches. Use consistently sharp blades to avoid tearing up the grass while mowing it. Blades that have lost their sharpness might rip the grass instead of cutting it, leaving it more open to attack from insects and illnesses.

How do you care for Floratam grass in Jacksonville Florida?

Due to Floratam’s / St Augustine SOD’s drought-resistant properties, your lawn will only need about an inch of water per week. Make sure you water your plants deeply each time to strengthen their roots. In the growing season, you can use nitrogen-rich fertilizer every month or two if your soil lacks nitrogen.

Lawn care and taking care of the yard

If you want to start your lawn in Jacksonville with Floratam, you will need sod, plugs, or sprigs. Grass, however, can spread itself horizontally once it gets going.